Tips For Long-Distance Bike Riding

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About $1.2 billion in used bicycles were sold in 2015 in the U.S., and there are twice as many bicycles than there are cars in the world. There is no doubt that bike riding is quite a popular physical activity for people in America, and there are great health benefits. A study conducted by the British Medical Association found that coronary heart disease was reduced by half in people who cycled at least 20 miles a week.

When going for a long ride, however, you need to make sure that you are prepared. You need to be hydrated enough and have had enough food, and you need to make sure you have the most comfortable equipment, like comfortable bike seats and an emergency gear.

1. Make sure you eat and drink enough

Long-distance biking can take some serious energy out of you, and that means you need to be filled with the right amount of calories and the right amount of water. You should aim to drink about one bottle of water per hour, and eat a bite of something about every 15 minutes. It’s the most important to remember to be consistent when eating or drinking. Dehydration can result in dizziness, tiredness, and even heat exhaustion. Not having enough food in your system can be detrimental as well, resulting in fatigue, and in those with diabetes or hypoglycemia, unstable sugar levels.

2. Invest in comfortable bike seats

If you’re going to be riding for a long time, the least you can do for yourself is ensure that you have the right equipment to make your bike ride more pleasurable. It’s like going into an office and having to sit all day in an uncomfortable chair. No thank you! Buying a comfortable bike seat can help with posture and back pain, and will make your ride just that much better. For more information on how to choose a comfortable bike seat, visit a local specialty bike store or search the web for more info and reviews.

3. Try and stretch while on your bike ride

Aches and pains are a common thing bike riders face when on long hauls. You can change up your hand positions, shrug your shoulders, and shake out your legs during long rides. This helps loosen up tense muscles. You can imagine pedaling for so long and keeping the same posture will eventually cause some aches throughout your body. The best feeling is going down a long stretch of open road and reaching one hand up between your shoulders for a few seconds. Switch to the other side when you are done.

4. Always be ready for emergencies

While you want to imagine going on this ride as an enjoyable experience without any issues, but we always have to be prepared. When going for a long trip, be sure to bring along an emergency gear so that you can at least fix two flats. Also be sure to have your cell phone, ID, and even just $20 in cash, because you never know when you will need it.

Thinking about going for a long bike ride? Be sure to bring along all of the necessities: plenty of water and snacks, comfortable bike seats, an emergency gear, and some cash plus your ID/cell phone.

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