What are the Signs of Low Testosterone

The way men and women age differs from each other. While women experience menopause or the point where their monthly ovulation and menstruation stops, men experience andropause. As time goes by, their virility and reproductive function can get reduced or lessened.

However, some men experience low testosterone levels even at a younger age. Although this is mostly seen in older men, it can also happen to younger age groups.

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There are signs that a man has a low testosterone level and these are some of them.

One known sign that a man is having lower levels of testosterone is when he experiences a reduced sex drive. This can also manifest in a person’s mood swings. The emotion leans towards having a more depressed state rather than a cheerful mood.

Another known sign of reduced testosterone levels is when a man experiences erectile dysfunction. This usually is the physical manifestation of a decreased sex drive matched with a depressed state of mind.

Along with these signs are obvious shifts in the overall well-being of a person. A man with lower levels of testosterone usually gets tired easily and experiences a general low in his health and well-being. To know more about the signs of low testosterone, watch this video to be informed.