Tips for Getting the Most from Your CPAP Machine

Resmed cpap machine

Sleep apnea is a very common problem in the United States. Experts have estimated that about 18 million American adults suffer from some degree of the sleep disorder. As many as between 2 and 4% of all adults in the country have undiagnosed sleep apnea. This means one in every 50 people suffer from this problem. When this disorder is left untreated, the sufferers are at least three times as likely to develop heart disease, which is already the leading cause of death in the United States. Currently, the most successful way to treat this disorder is with a Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine. Patients can buy new and used CPAP machines.

6 Tips to Getting the Most from New and Used CPAP Machines:

Do not give up on the mask too quickly. Get yourself used to wearing the map over time. A number of people say they cannot get used to wearing the full face CPAP mask because it is uncomfortable. When you are first trying to get used to wearing any of the sleep apnea masks, give the process some time. Start by wearing the mask for a few minutes, Wear it whenever you want to get any amount of sleep. If you lay down for a power nap, wear your mask. It may take some time but you can get over the initial discomfort of wearing the mask if you work at it.

Make sure the CPAP mask fits correctly. Many people do not pay enough attention to getting the right CPAP equipment. There are many CPAP masks that people can choose from. This makes a big difference in how the sleep apnea mask works and fits. Some people do not pay enough attention to the size of the mask and then have problems with it. One of the most important things in getting the most from a CPAP mask is making sure it fits. People often do not like wearing a big mask on their face when they sleep, much of the discomfort can be eliminated by making sure your mask fits properly.

Avoid the claustrophobia with practice. Some people report feeling claustrophobia with the mask on. The way to get over that is to get used to wearing it. You can try wearing it for a new minutes when you are awake. If that is too much, start by placing the mask by itself on your face. See how long you can tolerate that. Work up to where you have it attached to the new or used CPAP machines. You can also try meditation or relaxation exercises when you have the mask on.

Some people report stuffed up noses from the machine. All new and used CPAP machines come with an adjustable humidity level. Play with the settings for this on your machines. If that does not work or you still have problems with your nose, you can try a simple saline nose spray that can work to alleviate any problems with a dry nose.

Experiment with the air pressure. Some people have a problem with air being forced into their lungs. If you are one of those people, you can adjust the amount of air that the machine pushes into your body. Start with a low setting, get used to that and then build up to the level recommended by your doctor.

Patience and persistence are the keys to success with your machine. Some people say they just cannot fall asleep with the machine on their face. This can be caused by a number of factors but does get better over time. The key is to work up to wearing it all night. If you are persistent, you will get used to the CPAP machine. Spend some time tryingj to get used to the machine and you will get used to it, even if you do not thnk it is possible when you first try.

Like anything new, it takes time to get used to the CPAP machine. Many people do not realize how serious sleep apnea is. When you stop breathing at night, while you sleep, you deprive your brain of oxygen, which can be serious when you do it often as when you have sleep apnea.