The Finest Way to Lose Some Weight

The human body is designed for a lifetime of exercise and exertion, though not all people realize this. Modern human beings evolved from more primitive hominids that hunted game for a living, rather than eating fruits in trees. This means that we and our ancestors are built for exercise, and today, rather than hunting game, people choose to play sports or perform cardio or try out martial arts to meet that exercise need. In fact, the human body and mind alike have many ways to reward and active lifestyle and good diet, and punish sedentary behavior or poor diets. Other Americans fall short of these needs, though, and their lack of exercise and poor diets contribute to the United States’ growing trend of adult and even adolescent obesity. But eating right is always an option, and an overweight person may resolve to transform their diet and lifestyle to set their health straight. How might this be done to maximum effect?

Why Obesity Happens

First of all, why is obesity so prevalent today? It is estimated that one in three American adults is overweight or obese, and that’s no accident. Certain lifestyles can cause this to happen, usually in the arenas of exercise and diet. Today, many Americans consume a lot of fast food and highly processed foods, but these foods contain added sugar, fat, and oils designed to make them taste better. The consequence of this marketing ploy is that such foods add a lot of unhealthy calories, sugar, and fat to the consumer, and all that will soon show up on their waistlines. Such foods may taste great and be found for a good price, but that doesn’t make them healthy. And they usually aren’t.

A lack of exercise is another major problem today. The American Heart Association has set some minimum guidelines for how much exertion a child or adult should get in a week, such as 30 minutes of cardio three times a week. But many Americans are falling short of even those modest guidelines, and instead spend a lot of time using electronic screens. Children today often neglect playing outside in favor of using TVs, computers, and handheld devices, often for hours per day (even on school days). Adults can go to the gym or try amateur sports, but they often don’t, instead spending all day at a desk job and then sitting around at home, too. This means that the body’s natural need for exercise is not being met. This results in weight gain, sleep trouble, mood disorders, and more.

Transform Your Health

The good news is that simple weight loss programs are always possible to try out, and a person can build muscle, burn fat, and boost nutrition all at once. To start with, the person interested in weight loss may visit their doctor and/or a nutritionist, to ensure that their intended new diet and exercise program will be effective and safe. Medical complications or limitations such as a heart condition, a bad back, diabetes, food allergies, or recent surgery may factored in. When the person has these health guidelines in place, they can engineer a new diet and exercise routine to match.

A good diet means eliminating all fast foods and processed foods, such as hamburgers and cheap Mexican or Chinese food, pizzas, and more. Anything from a recognizable fast food restaurant, in short. Processed foods, which are typically frozen in boxes, should also be avoided. Even enriched pasta should be minimized. A good diet means eating wholesome, natural food from across the food pyramid, from fruits and vegetables to proteins such as eggs, fish, and beans to whole wheat and dairy such as cheese and yogurt. The dieter may also watch out for harmful ingredients such as trans fats, dextrose, high fructose corn syrup, and the like.

A good diet should be paired with a healthy exercise routine. A dieter may try out cardio, such as bike riding (or stationary bikes), jogging, swimming, and the like. They may also try out sports such as soccer or basketball, and weight lifting may also be done at home or at a local gym. Classes with a qualified instructor may be fun and highly educational about proper exercise.