Stretching Therapy The Ways Yoga Can Help With Back Pain

In the United States, and around the world, human beings experience many challenges. Sometimes we are not healthy. Sometimes we have to battle and overcome illnesses. Sometimes we receive injuries that we need to recover from. We are not perfectly healthy, but that’s what makes us human. The fact that we are not immune to illnesses, injuries, and most importantly, pain makes us human. In fact, for Americans, and those around the world, chronic pain is actually very common. There are 1.5 billion (or more) people worldwide that suffer from chronic pain. One form of this chronic pain is back pain. Back pain can include chronic pain (caused by a curvature of the spine, trauma, and various back pain disorders-just to name a few), lower back pain, and it can even affect the neck area. If you experience back pain, there is a spinal disorder treatment that can assist you by easing your pain. Here’s what you need to know about yoga.

Yoga For Pain Relief And Spinal Disorder Treatment

Many individuals are not aware that yoga and meditation can be a form of spinal disorder treatment, because it helps to strengthen the spine among other things. Although, 36.7 million people in the United States participate in yoga classes, who knew it can help with back pain like a chiropractor helps with back pain!

Yoga, by definition, is a disciplinary practice that originated in India. It combines the spiritual and physical through breathing techniques, exercise, and meditation. It is said to bring happiness and peace to those who practice yoga as well as good health. In health terms, yoga helps your back and joints. First, when you participate in a yoga class of any kind (there are many), there are positions that are considered holding positions. Holding positions is much like the name suggests. You complete a position, and while your body is engaged in it, you need to hold the pose. This holding action essentially strengthens your muscles. These muscles include, but are not limited to your back muscles. When your back muscles are strong, or become stronger each time you participate in yoga, you are helping your spine. This means that your posture will improve, your movement, and your flexibility will improve. If you have spinal disorders, the symptoms or side effects of these disorders can, over time, improve with the practice of yoga, as well. Most importantly, engaging in holding positions will eventually reduce your back pain. So, consequently, yoga as spinal disorder treatment (specifically holding positions) will help your back pain. Are you ready for some pain relief?

There are many types of yoga or positions in yoga. Each of them, needless to say, help with back issues and back pain. Aside from positions, there are in fact parts of yoga that also help with back pain. These parts are the stretching portion of yoga and the relaxation portion of yoga. In all yoga classes, stretching is required. A yoga instructor will have the class stretch different parts of the body for ten to sixty seconds (depending on the type of stretch). These stretches help with the back, more specifically the lower back. This is because stretching decreases tension in the muscles. Without stress or tension muscles can relax, and flexibility improves. This is very similar to holding poses, except for the fact that your muscles (including back muscles) will relax and be tension free. Additionally, your pain will decrease without stress and tension. Stretch for pain relief!

Not only does yoga help you practice holding positions and stretching, it helps your body’s posture and alinement. In turn, your body’s posture and alinement assists your back and spine. They all work together in harmony! To begin, yoga works with both sides of your body, equally. This means that you’ll have even weight, even distribution, and even balance. The improvement in posture and the alinement of your head, shoulders, spine, etc. helps your spine, because it maintains the proper structure of your spine. Additionally, posture and alinement also reduces the pain you feel in your lower back. The more you practice yoga, its positions, stretches, and poses- the healthier your back will be!