How to Treat Shoulder Pain

In this video, you will learn about shoulder pain. You can fix shoulder pain by doing one of these exercises every few hours. Many people say they don’t have time for pain.

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There are little things you can do throughout the day that help with the pain. You can do them anywhere and don’t have to go to rehab. The main problem is rotator cuff problems. If there is too much swelling for the tendon to move, there will be pinching. An unhealthy shoulder can lead to a rotator cuff tear. These exercises are designed to give you a little more room. Shoulder squeezes are something you want to do daily. This helps break up the tension. You want pressure for about five seconds if you can. It may be uncomfortable, but make sure you don’t feel pain. Shoulders work more efficiently when they are healthy. He is also a big fan of setting socket up. The goal is to have more room for the tendon. Stretching away from the chair helps stretch out the tendon. No one really has time for an injury. Even more so, rehabbing an injury can take months. Keep watching this video for more information.