What Are PRP Injections?

This video helps you understand PRP therapy and its benefits. It looks at how the platelet rich plasma solution is created, the conditions it can treat, and the best time to get a PRP injection, plus more. To begin with, the PRP solution is made from your blood and plasma which contains a large number of platelets is then extracted from it. According to the video, platelets have the ability to release growth hormone factor, which stimulates the healing process whenever an injury occurs.

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Platelets also produce substances that help manage inflammation and pain. However, the effectiveness of the PRP solution depends on how it’s prepared and how your body responds to this treatment. There are also other factors that can interfere with the potency of the PRP solution.

Generally, PRP research has shown that PRP injections can be useful in treating conditions like tennis elbow and osteoarthritis of the knee. PRP injections are often recommended for times when you’re not seeing much progress with your recovery or you need a way to manage your pain and facilitate a quick recovery. Overall, this is a great video to listen to if you’re considering PRP therapy.