Occupational Video – Overhead Door Technician

If you’re looking for a new career, becoming one of the many garage door technicians might be for you. If you have the physical capability to do the job and enjoy it, this job can be extremely rewarding. Although this job is profitable, you are more than likely looking at 24 hour garage door repairs, broken springs, and working for a garage door company that will need you at all times of the day and night.

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Basically, an overhead garage door technician is responsible for fixing any type of overhead door. What’s nice about this job though is that you could be working on many different problems day to day. One day you could be working on a commercial site fixing an industrial-grade door, and the next you could be working residential to fix a minor problem in a garage door that’s come off of its rails. No matter what the problem is, once you are trained on how to fix it, the job can be very simple and straightforward. So why not look into getting into the field of repairing garage doors?