Chiropractic Care From Back Pain to Special Pregnancy Treatments

Many people suffer with a variety of aches and pains due to being engaged in sports or working in fields that require the performance of strenuous activities. Others may suffer occasional or chronic pain due to having a more sedentary lifestyle. When people don’t participate in some physical activities, such as taking brisk walks or aerobic exercise classes, they may be more prone to having this experience. Pregnancy and labor are also times when women tend to experience different types and levels of pain.

The Prevalence of Back Pain

Due to experiencing back pain, many employees are absent from work. This type of pain is also one of the most common reasons for absenteeism. Furthermore, recent data shows that 50% of Americans in the workforce have admitted to experiencing back pain every year. According to experts, an estimated 80% of the population will have problems with their back at some point throughout their lives.

Chiropractic Adjustments as a Treatment for Back Pain

It’s interesting to note that when someone experiences back pain, they are more apt to visit their primary care physician. This is actually the second most common reason for physician visits. Many doctors may recommend chiropractic adjustments and refer their patients accordingly. On a daily basis, there are over a million of these adjustments being administered throughout the world.

A recent poll was conducted with individuals that had chiropractic treatments within the past year. The results indicated that 95% of the participants stated that it was effective. In addition, 97% of these participants stated that they were likely to visit a chiropractor if their experienced neck and back pain.

Chiropractic Care for Pregnancy and Delivery

Reports indicate that roughly half of all pregnant women experience some level of back pain. During labor, it has been reported that 50% to 75% of women will experience back pain. While the severity of this pain will vary, it has been demonstrated that chiropractic treatments can make a difference for some women. One collaborative chiropractic and medical study in particular revealed some important results. Pain relief was reported by 75% of the participating pregnant patients, which is a significant percentage.

In addition to addressing back pain, chiropractic care throughout pregnancy has been demonstrated to potentially reduce the time a woman is in labor. On average, this time may be reduced by as much as 25%. The average labor time for multiparous women, or those giving birth to more than one child, has been reduced by 31% with chiropractic care.

Other studies have shown that when women receive specially-designed prenatal chiropractic treatments, that they have been able to avoid unplanned caesarian sections. It’s important to note that there has been an 80% success rate in reducing these types of invasive deliveries.

Is There a Chiropractor Near Me?

“Is there a chiropractor near me?” is a commonly asked question. If you’re looking for quality chiropractic treatment in your area, then there’s a good chance you’ve been asking the question: “Is there a chiropractor near me?” When people are unfamiliar with chiropractic care, they may not be aware of the importance of finding the right chiropractor for their specific needs.

While your primary care physician may refer you to a chiropractor for treatment, you can also ask whom they recommend along with a referral. It’s a good idea to prepare a list of questions for your first treatment session. At that time, you will be able to learn more about what is involved with a chiropractic session as well as how this type of treatment can reduce your pain and other symptoms. As you begin to experience the benefits of chiropractic care, such as relief from back and other types of pain, it’s highly likely that you’ll notice the positive impact on your daily life.

It’s a common practice for individuals that have had a positive experience with their chiropractor to share this with others. When a friend, family member, or colleague asks questions about the effectiveness of chiropractic care, then you will be able to provide them with information about how these treatments have assisted you. If they live in your vicinity and ask “Is there a chiropractor near me?” then you may want to refer them to your chiropractor.