5 Tips for Teaching Students About Anatomy

Children attend school in order to learn about a wide variety of subjects. In many schools, children are also learning about the female reproductive system. Understandably, this often feels like a difficult or awkward situation for teachers to approach. Fortunately, learning a few helpful tips takes the confusion out of teaching students about female anatomy. Considering that, here are five helpful tips to follow while preparing a female anatomy lesson plan.

  • Utilize Visual Learning Aids

    Statistics show that an estimated 65% of students consider themselves to be visual learners. This means that these students have an easier time seeing what they’re learning about instead of listening to lectures. Therefore, it’s wise to include female anatomy charts into your lesson plan. Having female reproductive anatomy labeled allows students to have an easy time retaining this important information. If you’re wanting to offer more visuals, you can include models of the female reproductive system in the classroom.
  • Allow Students to Anonymously Ask Questions

    Throughout their school years, children experience a wide range of emotions. Considering that, you might be teaching a classroom of students who are approaching or currently going through stages of puberty. This can be an understandably confusing and stressful time for a young person. Therefore, your students might have many questions that they’re simply too afraid to ask in front of their peers or teacher. Considering that, utilize a question box where students can write down their questions anonymously.
  • Give Students Learning Materials to Bring Home

    As with any subject in school, it’s important that students have access to study materials. For instance, you can send students home with printouts that have the female reproductive system labeled. Having these printouts adequately allows students to prepare for upcoming exams. There are also many great books available to include as assigned reading materials. In addition, having these materials allow students to privately learn about specifics they’re too afraid to study in front of their peers.
  • Make Students Feel at Ease

    It’s understandable to wonder what tone to take while teaching these sensitive subjects. Many teachers are unaware that their students are feeling this same sense of awkwardness. Therefore, it’s important to make students feel at ease by creating fun lesson plans. This helps to take the awkwardness out of learning about anatomy.
  • Using Technology for Daily Quizzes

    Another effective way for students to retain important information is through the use of quizzes. That being said, it can take time to prepare paper quizzes each week. Considering that, it’s wise to have technology on your side. There are many websites that allow schools to easily create online quizzes for students. For instance, you could have quizzes based off of terms found on a female anatomy chart. You can even turn these quizzes into competitions in which the top players earn a prize.

In conclusion, it’s understandable to wonder how to create anatomy lesson plans for your students. Statistics gathered from the Department of Education from Fall 2017 found that there 50.7 million students and 3.2 million teachers throughout the United States. Considering that, you’re not alone in wondering how to approach teaching the subject of anatomy. It’s wise to have plenty of health education products on hand. These include female anatomy charts and visual models. In turn, this takes much of the confusion out of this subject for both teachers and students.