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Are You Looking for Psychiatric Care for Someone You Are Responsible For?

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Alzheimers disease

The late night social media post was scary. When one of your friends posted a near suicidal comment late on Thanksgiving weekend, you were concerned for his safety. His talk of the mistakes that he had made, the damage that he had done to the relationship with his partner, and his fear that he was writing his last post received immediate responses from many. The fact that after making that post your friend went offline for several hours had you wondering what kind of news would greet you the next day.
When your friend finally posted again, it was an apology: “I am so sorry for the post last night. I know it was totally ridiculous. I have clinical depression and then had a few drinks mixed in with my medications which doesn’t help. I’m sorry for worrying you guys. I love you so much for the personal mess

A Short Guide to the Dos and Don’ts of Exercising

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healthy activities for adultsAccording to ACA’s 2011 Emerging Issues survey, over 90% of responding camps reported that healthy eating and physical activities were very important issues. While many individuals also think that way, it’s easy to fall behind on best practices when working out. To help keep you on track, here are a few dos and don’ts to keep in mind when you’re exercising.

DO: Warm Up
Whether it’s gymnastics or one of many other healthy activities for adults, you should always do a warm up. It could be a simple stretching routine or a quick cardio circuit, but the fact remains that warming up helps prepare your muscles and prevent injury during a workout.

DON’T: Get Dehydrated
If you remember anything before you leave for the fitness center, remember to pack a bottle of water. A big one. Dehydration is not only harmful to your body during exercise, it’s harmful to your body all the time. You should be drinking at least one liter of water every day.

DO: Start Small
It might seem like a great idea to jump headfirst into a crazy fitness program, but you’ll ultimately be harming your body if you’re not conditioned already. Starting with short, light workouts and building your way up to more intense routines is the best way to go.

DON’T: Lift too Much
If you find yourself straining particularly hard to lift a certain weight set, you should slow down and take the weight down a notch. You should always challenge yourself to do better, but you should also know your limits.

DO: Perform Exercises You Enjoy
If you find a program or routine that you enjoy and that makes you feel good, stick with it! If you have to suffer through a few burpees every now and again that’s fine, but if you don’t like the workouts you’re doing, you should make a change.

Fitness classes might work for some, and personal training might work for others. The point is that there are countless healthy activities for adults, but until you find the right one and complete it the right way, you may not see the results you want. Don’t wait to find an activity you love!

6 Tips to Help You Get the Most from the PiYo Fitness Program

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Piyo coach

Most of us know that getting more exercise is one great way to become healthier and look better. Unfortunately, most of us do not follow through. Only an estimated 20% of all Americans get the amount of exercise that is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The agency has estimated that as much as 75% of all spending on healthcare goes to conditions that are preventable. One new kind of workout that is getting a lot of attention around the country is the PiYo workout plan. The PiYo transformations are possible because the workout plan combines Pilates and Yoga to create a regimen that is effective but not overly stressful on the joints. Plus it is a lot of fun. To get the PiYo transformation, you want by following these tips.

  1. The power of positive thinking cannot be ov

Itchy Scalp? Head to the Lice Salon

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How to get rid of head lice naturally

Everyone remembers those school days that got interrupted for lice inspections. There was an interesting mix of excitement that the routine and normalities of the day were being disturbed, but there was also fear and disgust at the thought that there could even be a chance that little bugs had taken up residence on your scalp. Everyone’s heads started itching just at the idea of it. But it is a fact of life, unfortunately, and one that must be addressed as soon as it is discovered, as it will only get worse with time. Lice, as everyone knows, can spread quite quickly, so it is best to get on the solution immediately. There are several different treatment types and processes of lice removal, from shampoos to natural remedies to professional lice salons.

The prevalence of t

How to Care for a Sprained Ankle

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Medical help

Have you sprained an ankle? If you have, you are not alone. It has been estimated that about 25,000 people seek medical help for sprained ankles every day. These people flood into emergency rooms and urgent care centers looking for help for this common injury.

The first thing to help when you have sprained an ankle, or any muscle, is to understand what kind of injury you have. When you injure a ligament, you have a sprain. Ligaments connect bones and support the joints in your body. The most common ligaments to be injured are those that support the ankle joint. When you damage a ligamen

Understanding Womens Health and Loving Your Body at Every Stage

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Causes of infertility in women

Taking care of your health is probably the most important thing that you can do. However sometimes it is easier said than done. The human body is an amazing thing, but it is complex and sometimes it can take a lot of work to keep it functioning just the way that you want it to. And on top of that, as we grow through life, we seem to constantly encounter new changes. From puberty and growth spurts to menopause, womens health in particular can seem like quite a bit to juggle. But if you can keep in mind that you are not alone, that you have half of the world’s population as a resource and support system, you will be able to manage your health just fine.

Being productive and proactive in womens health

The key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is to stay informed

Does Your Child Have an Abnormal Voice? Hypernasal Speech Treatment Options You Can Explore

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Airway reconstruction

If you have newly become a parent, or have been enjoying the rewards and challenges of parenthood for quite a few years, it is likely that you understand the need to keep your children in the best of health at all times. Healthy children are happy children, and the prospect of your children losing their mirth and peace of mind due to illnesses and health conditions, and even facing the prospect of pain, discomfort and loss of their normal lifestyle can be a deeply distressing matter for parents. Ensuring that your children remain in the best of health is something that can definitely be accomplished by staying vigilant, seeing the appropriate medical doctor when signs indicate that something is amiss, and scheduling regular visits with a doctor so as to take preventive measures against common ailments th