Itchy Scalp? Head to the Lice Salon

How to get rid of head lice naturally

Everyone remembers those school days that got interrupted for lice inspections. There was an interesting mix of excitement that the routine and normalities of the day were being disturbed, but there was also fear and disgust at the thought that there could even be a chance that little bugs had taken up residence on your scalp. Everyone’s heads started itching just at the idea of it. But it is a fact of life, unfortunately, and one that must be addressed as soon as it is discovered, as it will only get worse with time. Lice, as everyone knows, can spread quite quickly, so it is best to get on the solution immediately. There are several different treatment types and processes of lice removal, from shampoos to natural remedies to professional lice salons.

The prevalence of the infamous lice

Schools will often do screenings in order to check students for lice, the help keep any outbreaks from starting. But as is the nature of the resilient and quickly moving bug, so many cases are difficult to avoid, as it is difficult to know when a person has been infested with lice until they are close enough to pass on the infestation. Because of this easy transfer rate, it is quite difficult to find the proper data to show how many people actually acquire head lice each year, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention do estimate that there are 6 million to 12 million infestations each and every year across the country just among kids from the ages of three to 11 years old. And on top of that, there are now strains of lice that are actually resistant to many of the treatments and medications that are available without a prescription, and they have been found in at least half of the states. The right lice salons will have the highest quality supplies and products to properly get rid of the issue.

Some of the myths and facts surrounding head lice

The fact that there is no hard data involving the grand scheme of infestations lends itself well to plenty of misinformation. Everyone has something to say about the issue, and advice to offer, whether it is in the form of how to get rid of head lice naturally, the best lice salon to go to, how contagious it is, or any number of other things. But just like with anything else, especially anything that could potentially impact not only you and your family, but anyone else you come into contact with, it is important to get down to the actual facts, not just the empty advice and false rumors.

It is important to keep in mind, for example, that as many as 60% of those individuals who have head lice are actually not even aware that they have it, according to one study of students. In fact the allergic reaction that results in the incessant itching, also known as sensitization, to the bites from lice occurs only after an individual has experienced over 10,000 bites, which could happen over the course of a month or more. There are also many ideas about how lice spread, and through what materials.

Obviously, most people realize that lice will spread from person to person through items that are close to the scalp, such as hats and scarves. But there are also other materials that they can spread to, such as any piece of clothing.
One study showed that when lice are given the chance of laying eggs on flannel or hair, 80% of lice chose to lay their eggs on hair, but there are clearly other ways for the infestations to take place.

There are lice salons that offer non-toxic lice removal service. There are those that offer treatments that are strong enough to be prescription level. There are all sorts of treatments that work. But the best thing to do is to be as vigilant as possible and to avoid the infestation altogether. This is often more easily said than done, but all things considered, there are things that you should know. Get educated, so that, should the situation arise, you can handle it well.