6 Tips to Help You Get the Most from the PiYo Fitness Program

Piyo coach

Most of us know that getting more exercise is one great way to become healthier and look better. Unfortunately, most of us do not follow through. Only an estimated 20% of all Americans get the amount of exercise that is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The agency has estimated that as much as 75% of all spending on healthcare goes to conditions that are preventable. One new kind of workout that is getting a lot of attention around the country is the PiYo workout plan. The PiYo transformations are possible because the workout plan combines Pilates and Yoga to create a regimen that is effective but not overly stressful on the joints. Plus it is a lot of fun. To get the PiYo transformation, you want by following these tips.

  1. The power of positive thinking cannot be overstated. When you start out any new fitness plan, it is important to get your mind into the right state. Go into your PiYo transformation process thinking that you are going to be successful. Try to think like an athlete. This will impact a lot of the decisions you make about your health and fitness. If you can see yourself succeeding, you will give your workout plan a much better chance of getting you the results you want.
  2. Gear up! You will need the right clothing to start your PiYo training. This is not so much about fashion but function. You will need a good and supportive sports bra, decent workout pants and shirts that are made from breathable fabric that looks and feels great to exercise in. There are a number of fabrics that have been designed just to be work during sweat sessions so you should seek them out. They will make you more comfortable when you are exercising.
  3. Make working out a part of your daily routine. Fitness experts say that it is better to work out a little every day than a lot in one session. When you are looking at the PiYo transformation plan, you will note that they have six days of working out and then a day to rest. That is fine, you do need to give your body some time to recover but when you let your one day become two, it will then become three or four and then you are back at square one. Get some movement into your day at least six days a week and you will start to see results before you know it.
  4. Get the PiYo fundamentals down. When you are first starting any new workout plan, it is important to get the fundamentals down. When you are looking for a PiYo transformation, you need to get the basics down early. Take this process easy and slow if you need to. It is more important to get the moves down and get your form right than to rush through the workout. If you are having problems with the moves, work on getting them right before you move to the next step in the PiYo program.
  5. Do not hurt yourself. The goal of the PiYo program is not to adhere to the “no pain, no gain” philosophy of working out. Now, some muscle soreness is normal and should be welcomed as it means you are working your muscles and burning fat. If you have had knee or hip injuries, for instance, you may want to modify the moves to make them safer for you. That is ok. You want to get into good physical shape and injuring yourself will hinder your progress.
  6. Watch what you eat. A healthy diet is a big part of any program to get into great shape. This does not mean you should fast. You need to feed your body to get the benefits from the PiYo transformation workout plan. There is a PiYo meal plan you can follow as you work through the PiYo workout plan. You will note that it is not about starvation but getting the right nutrition.

Starting a new workout program can be fun and exciting. If you stick with it, you will get the PiYo transformation you are looking for.