Diet and Exercise Are a Challenge for Many Americans

Your daughter and husband use their fancy watches to make sure that they track their calories versus their exercise, but you know for a fact that you need a different kind of method. You wonder, for instance, is there some kind of an App that helps you log the number of days when you do not eat fast food and compare that to the number of days when you walk a total of 30 minutes. None of this calorie counting stuff. You simply need to track the big picture things. You know that your three favorite pair of summer shorts do not fit you right now and you do not want to beat yourself up over counting calories and walking in circles around a track.

Instead, you want to see your fitness circles fill when you accomplish the task of making it through an entire day without going through one of your favorite drive throughs. They are your weakness, and you feel that if you could find an App that would help you measure something attainable you could be even more successful. You have also said, mostly to yourself, that if you never ate in your car and if you never ate alone you wold be more healthy. Those are the kind of goals you need to reach, the kind of successes you need to count.

You love to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, but you need to find a way to eliminate the high calorie and high sodium, processed foods that you indulge on between meals. You know from experience that if you do not but the bad food at the store you are more successful, but you often cave when you actually go to the store. The history of arthritis pain, high blood pressure, and cancer in your family should be enough of a motivation to making healthy choices, but the fact of the matter is that you are too often tempted by the foods that make you unhealthy. Worse yet, you do not have the will to exercise on a regular basis.

Small Steps Can Help You Achieve Initial Fitness Goals
For you, the answer is in finding the simple solutions. A place to start. No fast food stops and tracking that like the sobriety Apps that alcoholics use. How many consecutive days can you get to? What has been your highest number? Heck, you have even tried downloading that sobriety App just so you had some number that you could check on a daily basis. Your children and spouse may be patient with your arthritis pain, but they may be less understanding about continual weight gain.

Many people find themselves faced with expensive and serious health conditions because they have not taken care of themselves in the past. From arthritis pain from previous injuries that were not addressed to knee replacement surgery because a body simply cannot carry its weight, many Americans deal with not only normal aging conditions, but the implications of poor eating and exercising.

Even more frightening are the statistics from cancer specialists that indicate that people who are obese have a higher chance of all kinds of cancer. Americans need to find moderation, they need to find new habits that will help them decrease the chance of needing future orthopedic care from weighing too much. Help them decrease the chance of them having to spend hours at cancer care centers in the future.

The latest research indicates that losing even 5% to 10% of your weight is proven to lower your chance of developing heart disease, but still many Americans cannot find the motivation to eat less and exercise more. Perhaps the answer is in women’s health services helping their patients set attainable goals. No fast food. No inactive days. By controlling your weight you may not be able to eliminate future arthritis pain, but you can eliminate the fact that you are out of breath just from walking to the car into your house.

As many as 59% of chronic-pain sufferers reported an impact on their overall enjoyment of life, so if there is even a chance that you could avoid this pain by taking care of yourself now, perhaps it is time for you to start making an effort.