6 Pro Tips for Planning a Romantic Vacation

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Taking romantic vacations is very popular in the United States. In 2016, at least 24% of millennials around the country took at least one romantic trip, according to a survey conducted by the AARP. If you are looking for a getaway where you can enjoy outdoor dining, couples massage and other options for a couples trip, there are some ways you can plan your time away to have the best time. Here are some tips from professional travel agents:

  1. Try to plan your trip during the off season. Some of the places around the world that are most often associated with romance become a lot less enjoyable during peak tourist seasons. While a gondola ride through Venice may be great, waiting in line for an hour is not. When you are planning a longer get away, look to go enjoy your time in the location of your choice during a time when fewer other traveler are there.
  2. Go to “off the beaten path” sites. If you find yourself in Paris, there are a ton of really great romantic things to do that are not listed in the tour guides. One thing you can do in Paris is hope on an open backed bus and ride around the city. You will get to see the city and few parts of the city are not romantic. Grade a cafe au lait at any of the many cafes around the city. Paris has great street food. Get some crepes and take a walk through the Jardin du Luxembourg or the Jardin des Plantes. The outdoor dining does not get much more romantic than that.
  3. Look for non-hotel options for your lodging. If you can get an apartment through AirBandamp;B or another service, you may have a more romantic experience. One activity that a lot of people like to do with their partner is sleep in and drink coffee while reading the paper in bed. When you have a space that is not a hotel, you can make yourself at home. You can make your space more cozy and romantic when you can spread out and have more privacy. Paris offers a great example of this. If you are staying in a private apartment, you can bring in freshly made croissants and bread in the morning and enjoy your time together in a wonderful space.
  4. Live like a local. One really fun thing to do when you are traveling is to do what you can to live like a resident. Go for local food, dine at neighborhood spots that are not full of tourists. You will get a better sense of what your location is like for the people who live there and that, in and of itself, can be very romantic.
  5. Consider planning your romantic vacations for the winter. Sometimes when people think about planning a romantic vacation, they think of warm places and beach getaways. While those certainly have romantic options but snuggling by the fire with hot cups of cocoa can also be as romantic. Many cities in Europe make a lot of the holiday season. New York City can look and feel very romantic during the winter months. You may not have the outdoor dining options but you can have a great time just the same.
  6. Make sure you learn a bit about your destination before you get there. When you are traveling to other countries, you should make it a point to learn a few phrases in the local language — saying “Parlez vous Anglais?” rather than “Do you speak English?” in France helps. Knowing what the local mores are vis-a-vis attire is also very helpful. You need to know what kind of clothing you can wear and fit in. If you are denied entry to a historic site because you are not wearing the right clothing, that will not make your trip romantic!

Getting away from your day to day life can make you feel more romantic. When asked, more than 42% of all Americans say they feel more romantic when they are away with their partner. Spending time in a new place, enjoying outdoor dining and time with the person you love can do wonders for your outlook on life.