4 Ailments That are Treatable at an Urgent Care Facility

Emergency services

Part of being a parent often means caring for a sick child. It’s understandable to wonder where to seek treatment when your child becomes sick. Unfortunately, many parents make the mistake of taking their children to the ER when it would have been better to visit an urgent care center. In fact, statistics gathered from a private study conducted by Millman found that 44 to 65% of emergency room episodes could have been treated at an urgent care clinic. With that in mind, here are four common reasons parents take their children to urgent care centers.

  1. Allergy Treatments

    Many children suffer from allergies throughout certain times of the year. Considering that, there are other times where certain foods or situations increase the symptoms of allergies. When your child is suffering from any form of allergies, it’s wise to seek urgent care over emergency services. A qualified professional at an urgent care center will be able to ensure your child gets fast treatment in order to obtain relief from the symptoms of allergies.
  2. Ear Infections

    Another type of illness children commonly suffer from are ear infections. In fact, statistics show that five out of six children will deal with at least one ear infection before the age of three. It makes sense to want to seek out emergency services for any type of infection. However, you’ll want to know that ear infections are easily treatable by visiting an urgent care facility. When looking at the urgent care vs emergency room cost of treating an ear infection, the former tends to cost far less than the latter option.
  3. Common Colds

    Statistics show that the average child will catch anywhere between six to 10 colds each year. Before seeking out emergency services, it’s important to know that your child can receive the same kind of treatment at an urgent care facility. Unfortunately, many children obtain colds by catching them at school or from hanging out with other children. However, you’ll find that an urgent care center will be able to quickly see and treat your child. Obtaining fast treatment ensures that your child will be back to full health in a relatively short amount of time.
  4. Sprained Ankles

    Many parents remember the first time they sprained their ankles. This type of injury can be quite painful, leading parents to wonder if a break has occurred. It’s understandable to feel fearful when your child suffers from a sprained ankle. Fortunately, this is another situation that is often treated in an urgent care environment. Depending on the severity of the sprain, an urgent care professional will be able to treat the injury effectively.

To summarize, there are several common situations where a parent should seek out urgent care over emergency services. An urgent care facility commonly treats all sorts of allergies, especially those suffered by children. Ear infections can be a painful time for your child. However, you’ll rest assured knowing that an urgent care facility can provide fast treatment for all types of ear infections. Many children suffer from colds multiple times throughout any given year. Fortunately, urgent care centers are used to providing cold treatment for children. You might be surprised to know that even sprained ankles are treatable by simply visiting an urgent care location.