How You Can Get a Grip on Your Workplace Anger

5 stages of burnout

Workplace anger and workplace stress are becoming huge determining factors in whether or not we are truly happy with our jobs. Because of angry symptoms in the workplace, more workers are saying that they work a stressful job, or dealing with the signs of emotional exhaustion after a long day. You should learn how to handle anger in the workplace as a way to lessen the stress and chaos your job plays in your life, and continue living a normal and carefree lifestyle outside of your career.

Anger in the Workplace: A Huge Reality for Those in the Healthcare Industry

Those who work in healthcare profession-related jobs are finding that they are not as satisfied as they would like to be. Physicians who are under 35 have a burnout rate of 44%. Physicians are also twice more likely than those working in any other career to feel dissatisfied with their job regularly. Because of workplace stress, more and more workers are feeling the need to call in sick for “mental health days” and 1 million employees will miss work each day due to the high levels of stress in their workplace. Job stress can lead to feelings of anger, resentment, and unhappiness even if you love your career choice.

What’s Got You Down?

Before you take a step into how to handle anger in the workplace, you need to truly understand what might be causing your anger and feelings of wanting to lash out at others. Many of the lead causes of anger in the workplace include thinking you were going to get a promotion but not receiving it, being told to do something you felt was incorrect by your boss, a supervisor having expectations that are too high to meet, or feelings of being more qualified for your supervisor’s job when you believe they cannot handle it. These are some of the biggest causes of stress in the workplace every single year, rather than just the normal tension you feel for the work at hand.

The truth is, no matter what stress you are feeling, sometimes it pays off to take a big step back and assess where you want to be in your career. No matter what you decide, your job should never give you constant feelings of helplessness. Reach out in your time of need and gain your normal life back when it matters the most.