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What You Need To Know About Drug Withdrawal

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For the drug or alcohol addict, the detox process can be hugely difficult. There is no doubt about it that addiction is truly a disease, and fighting it off can sometimes feel to the addict as well as their families and loved ones like an uphill battle. It’s important to note that the detox process should be done only under the supervision of a medical professional skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable in and about drug and alcohol addictions, ready to meet the medical and emotional needs of the patient.

In the United States (and in many other places around the world), drug addiction is anything but uncommon. In 2015 alone, more than fifty two thousand deaths were caused by drug overdose, and more than forty thousand of those deaths were directly caused by opioid overdose. Twenty thousand were related to painkiller abuse and more than ten thousand were link

Finding the Right Cancer Treatment Is an Answer to a Prayer

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The plan for Memorial Weekend was to spend some relaxing time at the lake with both family and friends. In the end, however, you found yourself trying to come to terms with the diagnosis of prostrate cancer that your husband received from his doctor. Instead of enjoying a carefree day on the boat, you found yourself at your computer researching the options that your doctor presented, including proton therapy for prostate cancer. It turns out that the success of treating prostate cancer is pretty high, especially if you take advantage of some of the latest, targeted treatment plans, and proton therapy for prostate cancer is both.
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4 Reasons You Might Volunteer to Take a Drug or DNA Test

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There are many reasons one might choose to take either a drug test or a DNA paternity test. Most people probably think that these tools are primarily used by employers or courts to ensure the truth in someone’s statements, but more often than you would expect, individuals choose to take these tests of their own volition. Here are a few instances in which this is the case.

  1. Affairs: If you are in the unfortunate situation where you are uncertain whether or not a child is genetically yours, you might consider a DNA paternity test. If you believe your partner has been unfaithful and the baby isn’t genetically your own, your curiosity could cause you to take a paternity test to find out the truth. Today, paternity tests are producing results with 99.999% confidence. In the past, they were only 80% accurate. If you want the truth in this situation, you know how to get it.
  2. Inheritance:This situation might be rare, but it still does happen. Imagine you are the estranged child of a wealthy oil tycoon. Suddenly, your biological parent passed away. In their will, they left you everything. As sad as you are, you might decide to take a DNA test to prove that you are indeed the beneficiary in question.
  3. To Learn: On the more shady side of life, drug users might buy drug test kits in preparation for an upcoming drug screening for work. They can use this store bought test to learn whether or not they will pass the one for work.
  4. For Safety: Breathalyzers are not only used by officers. Conscientious alcohol consumers carry a breathalyzer with them when they go out for a night at the bar knowing that they intend to drive home. By bringing a breathalyzer to use on themselves, they can prevent themselves from driving over the limit.

While drug and DNA tests are mostly used to keep people honest, they can also be used by people who volunteer to take the test. The reasons some people want to take the test can be either noble or lascivious in nature. Still, it’s good to know that these tools are useful for many different situations.

Everything You Need to Know About HRT as a Treatment for Osteoporosis

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If you’re about to go through menopause, which typically occurs around the age of 51, you may already be dreading the common side effects such as mood swings and hot flashes. Along with these common side effects, you may also experience issues with your bones and joints.

While problems with your bones and joints may not be as apparent, going through menopause will definitely have an impact on them. These issues are due to the fact that you tend to lose a lot of estrogen during that period of time. This is especially dangerous for someone who is at high risk of osteoporosis.

If you are about to go through menopause, there’s a treatment option for you: estrogen hormone replacement therapy. This treatment can help prevent osteoporosis as a whole or treat it if it does develop.

If you are interested in the hormone replacement therapy, you must first qualify as a good candidate. Estrogen replacement therapy is typically fine for most women, but if you have breast or uterine cancer, history of blood clots, or liver disease you should avoid it. Estrogen replacement therapy isn’t good for anyone who is pre-menopausal, nor should it be an option for hormone therapy for men.

Typically when someone takes estrogen as a form of hormone replacement therapy, they will also be administered progesterone. If someone were to take estrogen alone, they would have a greater risk of developing uterine cancer. This is why both progesterone and estrogen must be taken together. However, if you have had your uterus removed or were born without one you can take estrogen without progesterone.

Hormone replacement therapy should be started during early menopause. However, many doctors believe that estrogen can be taken more than a decade after menopause because they feel that the bone-preserving benefits are still accessible. The therapy will usually be administered as estrogen supplements or as a skin patch, so there’s no need to worry about surgeries. The hormone supplements are typically taken daily, but ask your doctor for specific dosage information.

Know Your Healthcare Options — Explore Urgent Care Centers Today!

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Unfortunately, illnesses and injuries don’t fit themselves in around a schedule that works with yours. They can happen on any day, at any time. So what happens if you need to see a doctor before work or while you’re on vacation? When it’s a holiday? What happens if you can’t get an appointment with your doctor for a couple of weeks? This is where urgent care comes into play. There are over 7,000 urgent care centers in the United States, with over 20,000 physicians practicing urgent care medicine, so it’s likely that there’s one easily accessible to you. Urgent care clinics are a great place to go if you need to be seen by a doctor (but your condition isn’t life-threatening) and don’t have time to make an appointment.

Explain How Urgent Care Works
Urgent care centers are similar to walk-in clinics, in that patients can walk in (some centers do offer appointmen

CoolSculpting Misconceptions: Revealing the Truth

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Looking one’s best is important to many of us. How we look can impact our professional careers, our personal relationships, and — perhaps most importantly — how we feel about ourselves. Embracing a healthy lifestyle requires a lot of discipline. But in some cases, sheer dedication and hard work aren’t able to produce the results we’re after. Even when we’re trying our hardest, our genetics might be working against us. Because spot reduction really isn’t possible through diet and exercise alone, we might become frustrated when we’re unable to achieve our goals or feel confident about our appearance.

But short of major surgery, what are your options? CoolSculpting is a popular and highly effective choice that is non-invasive, requires little downtime, and can help you look the way you’ve always wanted. Although this treatment has become more prevalent over the last few years, people tend to have a lot of questions and misunderstandings about it. We’ve clearing up some of those prominent misconceptions today.

MYTH: This treatment is a good substitute for a weight loss program

Reality: Between 2010 and 2016, around 53% of Americans said they would like to lose weight. At first, some people may assume that CoolSculpting is a welcome alternative to eating a balanced diet and getting regular exercise. Although a shortcut to weight loss does sound exciting, the truth is that there are no shortcuts. This treatment is not designed for dramatic weight loss. Instead, it is a fat reduction treatment (known as fat freezing) that targets small areas of stubborn fat cells. Essentially, this treatment can contour fat tissue and freeze away pockets that will not naturally disappear on their own. So while your body will look more sculpted, it’s not meant to produce the same kind of results that a surgical procedure or a major weight loss would.

MYTH: CoolSculpting can tighten loose, saggy skin

Reality: As stated above, this type of non surgical weight loss is meant to remove stubborn areas of fat from the body. It is not intended to make skin tighter. In fact, the unique properties of this treatment are purposely meant to have no effect on your skin tissue; it’s meant only to target the fat cells underneath it. If you were hoping to target loose skin with this treatment, you will unfortunately be disappointed. That said, there are other skin-tightening treatments available that your medical dermatologist may be able to recommend.

MYTH: The results are instantaneous

Reality: Whether you’re undergoing a non-invasive procedure or you’re having weight loss surgery, you’re not going to see instant results. That’s simply not the way the human body works. Although you will see results in a relatively short time frame, you won’t see the effects in mere days or even a couple of weeks. Your body needs time to absorb and then flush the frozen fat cells out of your system. Some patients see results within a month’s time, while others start to notice changes by the second or third month post-treatment. You may not even really see the results until six months after the fact. Remember that this treatment is not a quick fix. You’ll also need to maintain your exercise and nutritional plan to ensure the effects are long-lasting. Be patient and don’t be discouraged.

MYTH: Anyone who has undergone surgery cannot have this treatment performed

Reality: Some viable candidates for this treatment believe that because they’ve undergone surgery in the past, they aren’t eligible for CoolSculpting. But even if you’ve had weight loss surgeries performed before, you may still be able to benefit from this treatment. As long as you are completely healed from your prior procedure and your medical dermatologist has confirmed that you have fat deposits that can be targeted, you can likely pursue this treatment. Even if you have scar tissue from a previous procedure, this is likely still an option for you. Of course, you’ll need to relay all pertinent medical information to your dermatologist so they can help you make an informed decision.

When to go to Your Neighborhood Urgent Care Center for Treatment

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Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a walk in clinic in the neighborhood where you could go for medical care for common ailments and injuries like fractures? You wouldn’t have to rush to the emergency room or schedule a doctor’s appointment a week or more later. If you have kids you might have wished for accessible pediatric care for childhood illnesses. You may be relieved to learn that neighborhood walk in urgent care clinics do provide all of these services and more. If you or your family are suffering any of these common ailments, that’s when to go to urgent care.

Your neighborhood family urgent care center
Urgent care centers are a new model of healthcare that has quickly become a first choice for primary care for millions of people. According to the Urgent Care Association of America, as many as 3 million people visit an urgent care location every single week. That’s because these centers provide quality and accessible medical care for most simple m

Urgent Care’s Healthy Future

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Since the first clinic opened back in the late 1970’s, urgent care, referred by other names such as “emergency walk-in clinic”, “community health clinic”, or “walk-in health clinic”, was formed to meet a community need and has become one of the fastest growing healthcare segments in America. According to a 2017 report by The Urgent Care Association of America (UCAOA), there are now over 7500 urgent care facilities, and this number is expected to grow—with no indication of slowing down anytime in the near future.

This thriving force is driven by several factors:

  • Overcapacity in primary care facilities
  • Overcrowding in the emergency room
  • The insured, aging population
  • The continued support of investors

According to UCAOA, there are an estimated 3 million patients who visit an urgent care (UC) clinic every week. With more than 20,000 physicians at these clinics, most have expanded their spac

Family and Group Therapy 101 What You Need To Know

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What You Need to Know About Types of Therapy

    If you are someone (or know someone) who is curious about the benefits of family and group therapy you have come to the right place. When it comes to types of psychotherapy, there are many to choose from (i.e. marriage counselors, family counselors, kids counselors etc). That said, it is important to find the service that’s right for you. No matter what mental health issue you are suffering from, there are individuals that can help you learn the right methods of coping. Thus, be sure to keep reading below for critical information regarding family and group therapy options.

    1. Women are more likely than men to deal with depression, so women should consider investing in family and group therapy services.

    When it comes to depression, keep in mind that women are 70% more likely than men to experience depression. For this reason,