Zumba Aquatic Class Warmup Ideas

An aquatic class that incorporates aerobics is an excellent workout. It combines the fantastic benefits you get from exercising in water with a conventional workout usually done in gyms. After a few sessions of aqua aerobics, your physical fitness will improve already.

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What can you expect from an aqua aerobics class? Typically, you would do almost the same exercises as in a non-aquatic aerobics class. However, there are many additional benefits to exercising in water.

You will notice how therapeutic it is working out in the pool. This aerobics class can help you improve resistance, strength, and cardio while being gentle on your joints. Plus, the exercise takes place in a relaxing environment.

Normal exercise would typically put a lot of stress on your muscles and joints. But with aqua aerobics, your body is supported by water during class, which helps reduce the strain on your muscles and joints. And when your body fights against the water’s pull, it activates your muscles and helps your body build endurance and strength.

The pressure from the water also helps blood circulation and reduces the strain on the heart. Plus, it can be a fun and entertaining exercise that keeps you cool throughout the class. Since this type of exercise is open to people of all ages, you can use it to bond with family and friends.

In this video by Marlee King, you can see how a warm-up routine works in an aquatic class.