Who is Allowed to Join a Golfing Country Club?

There is a certain brand of person that is commonly associated with a country club membership program, mainly older folks with lots of money. However, this is quite an outdated stereotype, considering how many young people are taking on the world of golf. While the majority of golfers are indeed older, does this mean that you need to be a certain age to join a country club? Well, the answer to that question lies in this video. Let’s get started with learning about what requirements need to be met before you can join a country club.

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All in all, anyone can join a country club if they have the money. Initiation costs can cost quite a bit, and a lasting membership can ring up to a few thousand dollars a year to start. Before you jump right in to the first country club you find online, ask your friends who may be in a country club for their recommendations. You want to ensure that their location, tee times, financial requirements, and policies on children visiting are in line with what you are looking for.