What its Like to Be an Emergency Room Nurse

Nursing is a broad field with multiple career pathways. An emergency room (ER) nurse specializes in providing care for patients, primarily in the emergency room setting. Emergency room nurses deal with a wide range of illnesses, from heart attacks to sore throats.

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These healthcare professionals prioritize care based on the severity and critical nature of the patient’s condition. They also take vital signs, including measuring pulse rate, temperature, respiration, and blood pressure for patients in an emergency room. These vital signs provide a detailed view of the patient’s state to ensure the patient receives the necessary treatment.

The emergency room nurse handles the discharge of patients who recover after treatment in an emergency room. In addition to attentive and acute medical treatment, these nurses act as advisors, translators, assistants, educators, therapists, and organizers. As a liaison between patients and doctors, these healthcare professionals require an excellent bedside manner, empathy, and compassion in their care. They may need to soothe patients through reactions to pain and shock, listen and answer their questions, and calm them down. Emergency room nurses also translate specialized language from doctors regarding treatment and diagnosis into understandable terms for sick people and their families. Working in this field demands high-stress tolerance, superior communication and organizational skills, and a strong heart to assist others.