What Indoor Playgrounds Can Offer

Children love to play, and this is not just for fun. The human body is designed by nature for exercise every single day, and it is important for general health to meet that exercise quota every single day. The American Heart Association has established some recommended guidelines where exercise is concerned, and this applies to both adults and children. A child may benefit from exercise by developing muscle strength and coordination, and in fact good exercise can help a child’s min develop properly, too. And of course, good exercise can help combat child obesity. Many parents take their children to outdoor parks or enroll them in sports or martial arts teams for exercise, but there is also the option of commercial indoor playground. A kids indoor play structure may be found in a fast food restaurant, a shopping mall, a house of worship, or even a fitness center, and parents may appreciate the convenience of these commercial indoor playgrounds. An indoor playground for kids may feature many things that an outdoor one might have, such as monkey bars or slides.

Children and Exercise

It was mentioned earlier that children have a need for exercise. What, in particular, is the current state of American children and exercise? The results are mixed. Today’s national childhood obesity rate is 18.5%, meaning that close to one in five children is obese (based on their BMI). Why might this happen? Many parents say that their children today spend too much time using electronic devices such as tablets or PCs, and this is always sedentary behavior. Kids using game consoles are not outside exercising, and this can add up. And just like their parents, many children today eat fast food or highly processed food that is packed with added sugars and fats (designed to make the food taste better), which adds body fat in a hurry.

The news is not all bad, though. Kids today have many chances to exercise, and many parents enroll their young ones in martial arts classes, sports clubs such as for soccer or basketball, and more. Going to the local pool is a great way to get cardio for kids and their parents alike, and the same is true of bicycle riding. Today, only about one in three American children meet the Sports and Fitness Industry Association’s classification of an active lifestyle, but any parents can help reverse that trend at any time. It really only takes 25 minutes of high calorie burning activity three times per week to get a child on track. A commercial indoor playground, among other things, can help with this.

Where to Find Commercial Indoor Playgrounds

Not all buildings have a commercial indoor playground in them, but some of the larger public buildings might. A shopping mall is a good example of this. Many parents bring along their young ones on a shopping trip so the kids aren’t left home alone, but a shopping trip might take a long time, so the children may want something else to do. A number of American malls today have commercial indoor playgrounds in them, often an area with low walls to divide it from traffic, along with benches where watchful parents may sit. These playgrounds might have small slides, areas to climb, and the like.

Meanwhile, some fast food restaurants also have indoor playground equipment in them, and some major chains are known for this. The equipment is found in a side room of the restaurant, often with glass walls so it’s visible to passing traffic. This indoor equipment often features large plastic tubes where kids can climb around, and slides, too. But these play areas have a lot of bacteria, so parents may want their kids to eat first and then play to avoid getting sick.

Finally, some houses of worship or fitness centers may have modest commercial indoor playgrounds in them, too. A fitness center is meant for adolescent and adult patrons, so if the kids come along, they may stay in the child-friendly room with their peers and use Hula hoops, little basketball hoops, or even jungle gyms to stay active. This can give them a bit of exercise and keep them occupied while their parents are using gym equipment elsewhere or jogging on the track.