The Most Reliable Methods of Drug Testing for DOT Employees

DOT, the United States Department of Transportation, oversees drug use in many workplaces in order to uphold safety and efficacy in automotive positions. In many cases, a DOT drug and alcohol test consortium works with employers to regulate drugs use by employees, and it is important for employers to understand the importance of a drug-free environment.

It has been shown that employees who regularly partake in drugs are absent from work 20 times more than drug-free employees, and their performances may be visibly hindered as well. Keeping the workplace free from drugs is extremely important, especially in regards to positions overseen by the Department of Transportation, so here, we’ll discuss a couple of the most trusted methods in measuring drug use in employees.

Routes of Measurement

In order for drugs to be assessed in the body, a doctor or medical technician will look at the blood, urine, or hair follicles of the person being tested. These bodily units can be used to measure drugs in a person’s system between days to months prior to the test.

Urine Drug Test

Testing drugs through urine samples is a simple and efficient method that can measure various drugs, from illicit to prescription. This is a commonly used method for employers because of its ease and short time-consumption. Depending on the drug and how often an individual uses, it can measure metabolites in a range between days to over a month.

Hair Follicle Drug Test

Using hair follicles to measure drugs is becoming more common, and it provides a longer timeframe than urine does, which typically falls at around 90 days. Testing for drugs using hair follicles is extremely efficient and tends to be used to measure drugs such as amphetamines, opiates, and cocaine (it can be used to measure others as well).

Alcohol Testing

DOT may also require alcohol testing, which can be measured through blood or breath analysis. A device similar to a breathalyzer is commonly used, which measures the alcohol in a person’s body in a given time.

DOT Testing

There are various measures to be taken in order to uphold the safety of individuals as well as high-levels of efficiency in the work place. By being a partner in a DOT drug and alcohol test consortium, you’re ensuring the overall success of your workplace. There are various sufficient methods that work for measuring drug levels in employees, and obliging to DOT drug testing is the next step to finding reliable hires.