Tired of Excessive Underarm Sweat? Here Are 3 Tips To Help You Regain Your Confidence

Prescription strength antiperspirant

Excessive sweating armpits can be embarrassing for anyone, but for the modern professional there?s nothing worse than conducting a meeting while worrying about large sweat patches in your underarms. The average person sweats up to six liters every day under non-stressful conditions. Depending on your body, any more than six liters may be considered excessive sweating and may lead to distress or insecurity about one?s appearance or health.

For those experiencing stress regarding their underarm sweat and who would like to wear colorful shirts again, the following tips will provide you with underarm sweat treatment to help you regain your confidence and freedom of movement.

Wear lighter material

Prevent underarm sweat with the type of clothing you wear. Materials like polyester aren?t very breathable and can cause your skin to overheat, resulting in heavy sweating in an attempt to cool your body down. Consider wearing cotton-fiber material, linen, and other light fabrics as an initial underarm sweat treatment. Fabrics like cotton are lighter and better able to prevent moisture from absorbing into the fabric because of its breathability.

Opt for deodorants designed specifically for excessive sweating

Using a stick of drug store deodorant before a big meeting may not be enough to curb your excessive sweating. And when traditional deodorants and antiperspirants don’t work, you may feel even more insecure during your presentation. Average deodorants are often meant specifically to keep you smelling fresh, but even clinical-strength deodorants and antiperspirants are often ineffective for those who suffer from excessive sweating. Therefore, it?s best to use an RX antiperspirant specifically made for excessive sweating.

Remember: most antiperspirants are designed for normal levels of sweat; excessive sweating requires a formula that’s more effective than common deodorants. These high strength antiperspirants may take a few days to start working, unlike clinical-level deodorants, which may ultimately be unhelpful.

Watch what you?re eating

Eating spicy or hot foods can increase the amount of sweat your body produces. Sweat is created as a means of combating an overheating of the body, so when you take in foods that have peppers or spices that may cause your eyes to water, odds are your skin is going to water too, leading to a heavy amount of sweating. So if your business meeting is right after lunch, forego the spicy food or cheeseburger, which may result in excessive sweating by your underarms and an embarrassing appearance.

Keep in mind that some people sweat during the digestion process no matter what they eat. If that’s the case, think carefully about when you choose to eat lunch.

There are multiple ways to reduce underarm sweat. Don?t limit yourself to dark colors and layers of clothing because of your excessive arm sweating. Underarm sweat treatments are available to you in the form of light clothing, healthy eating, and high-performance deodorants. With small changes, confidence can be yours again.