The Season of Giving Can be Challenging for Many

In the midst of the holiday rush it is important to take time to give yourself the best present of the season: grace and favor when you need it the most. Finding a way to feel full of the season’s blessings is not always easy when you are really just feeling emotionally flat.
It is often at this most busy time of the year when many of us have been less than our best selves. From feeling unmotivated or overwhelmed or un-something, we are often stuck in a place where we simply feel that we are not enough. We do not have enough energy to make it through the last of these days of the decade at work. We do not have enough time to complete all of the items on a holiday Do To list. We do not have the time to take care of ourselves.
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We have all been there, and will be there again, but since it is a consistent and common occurrence during the holidays, there are a few tips to help almost anyone feel better fast. If you are dealing with dangerous reactions and symptoms of heroin withdrawal or opioid use disorder you need to realize that asking for help is the best gift you can give both yourself and your family.
Sometimes the problems that you have are more easily solved, other times they are situations that require professional intervention. On the easier side, however, did you know that avoiding what we all think of as a common practice can be very beneficial? For example, you might make the decision to stay off social media because, according to Teddy Roosevelt, comparison is thief of all joy. If you are already feeling under the norm, do not beat yourself up w what all your online so called friends are doing.
Drug information can be confusing and there are times when many people avoid the pain medication that they need because they hear horror stories about prescription pain medication leading to a dangerous road that ends in heroin withdrawal. There are others who are living this story. Most of us, however, will be on the happy road in the middle getting the pain relief we need, while avoiding the dangerous side effects that we hear about in the news.
The decision to reach out to people you know and ask good questions that involve you in their world allows you to feel whole. Isolation and discontent are known to go hand in hand, so staying involved in the world will help you be your best self. When you are facing a challenge like oxycodone or heroin withdrawal the temptation can be to keep to yourself, but these are the times when you need to get the best help that is available.
Pet your pet. Animals know when you need them and are often willing agents of comfort. By taking your furry friends for a walk or lie on the floor with them, you can let their calm demeanor settle you.
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Be specific about choosing your favorite self-care solution. Whether your preference is yoga, meditation, a hot bath, reading, exercising, sleeping, puzzles, or coloring, do something that will allow you relax and rejuvenate. That bottle of pills sitting beside your bed may seem like the easy answer, but the reality is you may find yourself dealing with percocet or heroin withdrawal later because you took the easy choice now. As many as 2 million Americans each year are affected by prescription opioid misuse, so it is important that you watch for signs of addiction and consult with your family physician. Unfortunately, changes to government recommendations and aggressive pharmaceutical marketing have led to a significant increase in the last two and a half decades in prescriptions of oxycodone for long-term use in patients with chronic pain.
We should not pretend that we are perfect or problem free, but we do need to give ourselves permission to simply act as caregivers to ourselves and ask for help when it is needed. Staying involved with your friends and visiting a family physician at least once a year can help you be your best self.