The Invisible, Perhaps Dangerous World of EMFs

Targeted protection

There is an invisible world all around us at all times. It is a tangled web of frequencies, signals, and particles flowing in and out of us every moment. We may not think much about this world, but we all know about it in one way or another because we are a part of it. It is the world of electric and magnetic fields (EMFs). And while this invisible web is taken for granted by many of us, some of us are more sensitive to it than others. Even for those not suffering from an oversensitivity to EMFs, there are potential risks of being exposed to them for an extended period of time.

A Brief History of EMFs.

For centuries scientists viewed the forces of electricity and magnetism as separate entities, similar in certain properties but unrelated otherwise. In the early 19th Century, scientists such as Hans Christian Oersted, James Clerk Maxwell, and Michael Faraday discovered that the two forced were in fact inextricably linked. Thus, the new unified force, electromagnetism, was named.

When objects contain an electrical charge, they produce an electromagnetic field. The application of this discovery resulted in an explosion of technology in the 20th and 21st centuries, including radio, microwave ovens, television, internet, and more.

EMF Dangers and EMF Safety.

While most of our modern technology relies on EMF, there are risks related to overexposure to EMFs. In 2007 studies concluded that the existing public safety limits for EMF weren’t adequate for public health and safety, and that significant regulation was needed at least five years prior. Think of all the EMF sources around us in daily life: cell phones and cell phone towers, Wi-Fi connected laptops and PCs, microwaves, and more. All of these sources (combined, especially), can lead to physiological stress in one’s cells, decreased sperm count and vitality in men, headaches, and other neurological problems.

So what can be done to limit our exposure to EMFs? What are some ways to block EMFs?

Microwave Shielding.

Although microwave ovens are a convenient, effective way to heat up last night’s leftovers, too much microwave use can be harmful to one’s cells. When using a microwave, one shouldn’t stand near it while in use. But why not heat something up the old-fashioned way? Using an oven may take longer, but it usually results in a dish that stays warmer longer and doesn’t suffer from that rubbery texture.

But if using the microwave is the only option available, microwave shielding can be an effective way to reduce EMF exposure. A simple shield can be made from home with materials like cardboard and aluminum foil. The shield must simply cover the area of the microwave facing outward. Microwave shielding material can also be purchased online at certain stores.

Laptop Radiation Protection.

When using a laptop or computer, consider whether or not Wi-Fi is necessary. If not, disconnecting from the wireless communication can greatly decrease EMF exposure. There are also physical shields that can be purchased online for both the body and screen of laptops and computers that block the emission of EMFs, much like microwave shields.

Other Precautions.

Most of us today have cell phones and smartphones, and even though texting as surpassed actual talking on the phone, on those rare occasions the phone is up to one’s ear, it’s best to try to keep the phone at as much of a distance from one’s head as possible. If this means using headphones or speaker phone, it could be worth it. Limiting cell phone conversations to short durations is also a good idea.

There may be no turning back from the invisible, tangled world of EMFs, but we can at least protect ourselves from some of its harm. Research more like this. Visit here for more.