3 Reasons to Invest in Professional Lice Removal

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Although we’re on the backside of the current school year, lice treatment and learning how to get rid of head lice naturally is always an important topic of discussion. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an estimated six million to 12 million infestations occur each year in the United States among children three to 11 years of age. It is impossible to determine exact numbers when it comes to how many people receive treatment for lice.

While head lice is not particularly dangerous or harmful to a person’s immediate health, it does have incredibly annoying side-effects and can have serious complications if left untreated. Here are three reasons to consider investing in professional lice removal services.

  1. General Health and Well-Being: Some people choose to try and treat head lice by themselves with things like over-the-counter medication, but professional lice removal is the safest and best approach. Equipped with a food source readily available, an adult louse can live for as long as 30 days on a human.
    Not only will it ensure that all of the lice is removed, but they will also do it in a manner that is much less damaging to the head and scalp than potentially harmful chemicals.
  2. Avoid Risking Mutated Lice:In addition to the potential harm OTC chemicals can do to a person’s head, more and more evidence is coming out to suggest that these sort of products could actually be creating “super” lice. Instead of actually killing the lice, they’re mutating to become stronger and withstand the chemicals. Professional lice removal is typically done all by physical means. They take the time to carefully inspect and pick every layers of the head and hair to remove not just the active lice, but also any eggs.
  3. Inexpensive and Convenient: Unlike most medical procedures, professional lice removal is generally an inexpensive service. Since there are little to no chemicals or tools they need to do the job, most places will provide quality work at fair prices. At the end of the day their biggest concern is usually helping kids in their community overcome a case of head lice.

In order for the actual itching to kick in, a person must be bit about 10,000 times.This takes about four weeks from the time of first contracting them. Professional lice removal services can stop these critters in their tracks easily and effectively so don’t wait.