The Basics of an Orthodontist Exam

This video is to inform viewers about what tools are needed during an orthodontist exam. Our health is important in every stage of our lives. Oral health and dental care are one of the most important health-related aspects of our lives since we use our mouths on a daily basis to talk, eat, taste, and more. Orthodontics is the practice of jaw alignment and teeth.

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Fixing these problems early on is the best way to avoid more serious oral health issues in the future. When visiting an orthodontist, they might recommend metal braces, Invisalign, and other orthodontic treatments to get your oral health back on track.

At an orthodontist exam, your ortho might use a variety of different tools if you are getting braces. They will do this because they know exactly what tools are needed to make sure your braces are fitting properly and aren’t hurting you. There are many reasons why one might need braces. In fact, The second most common reason for braces, besides aesthetics, is an overbite. Next time you visit your orthodontist, be sure to ask about what options are available to you to get that perfect smile you’ve always wanted!