Laser Fat Removal, Explained by a Professional

Having the right figure can greatly influence one’s quality of life. Laser fat removal is one of the modern ways of weight loss that helps people achieve their desired physical appearance. This technology uses lasers to break down fat tissue to make it easier for the body to eject it.

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There are different laser technologies used in laser fat removal.

One of the methods of laser fat removal is laser liposuction. In this method, a cannula with a 980 nm laser is inserted into the deep fat tissues of the body. The laser melts down the fat tissues and they become liquid. When the fat cells become liquid, then it is easy for both the doctor and the patient to get rid of that fat.

It is, however, important to ensure that the fat cells are broken down homogeneously. Unlike dialed liposuction where bumps and waves might appear on the skin during the healing period, laser-assisted liposuction achieves a more homogeneous look as fat is broken down before being sucked out. This process also helps contract the skin to ensure that even after the procedure, one does not have loose saggy skin. It is important to ensure that this procedure is carried out by a qualified certified plastic surgeon.