Pregnancy and Nutrition What Moms-to-Be Need to Know

This short video from Loyola Medicine contains well-explained nutrition tips for pregnant women. Dr. Amanda Hyerdall explains that babies in the womb rely 100% on their mothers to get the nutrition they need for proper growth and development.

In the video, Doctor Hyerdall starts by recommending a balanced diet in general. However, she also mentions that pregnant women have an increased need for calcium, iron, and folate.

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Therefore, it’s essential that they take prenatal vitamins before conception and up to the breastfeeding stage.

DHA is also named as a key supplement that should be taken during pregnancy. However, it’s not only about what to take but also about what not to take. For instance, it’s mentioned that pregnant women should avoid foods that are not cooked well or properly heated.

The doctor also emphasizes the importance of hydration in women and encourages women to consult with a doctor about taking part in physical activity. She touches on the recommended amount of calories for each trimester, as well.

Listen to the video to find more in-depth information about this topic. You can also seek out nutrition counseling for extra help.