Need a Boost of Inspiration? Pick Up a Fitness Mag

Fitness magazines

There are tons of different health and fitness magazines on the newsstands for you to choose from. You need not ever feel like you are at a loss for inspiration, that is for sure. But, that being said, how can you decide on which one is best for you when there really are so many. Just like going to the gym for the first time and seeing all of those scary machines, when you look at the fitness magazine section on the news rack, it may be too overwhelming to determine which one would best fit your fitness style.

The best way to figure it out is to decide what you are looking to achieve in your fitness. Do you want general, overall health? Do you want to lose weight? Do you just want to stay in shape? Do you want to work abs and only abs? Do you like to run? Or perhaps you are a weight lifter. Figuring out your niche when it comes to your fitness is the first step in picking a fitness magazine.

If you are not sure just what you want, if this is your first real foray into the world of fitness, then your best bet is to stay general. By picking a magazine that does not focus on a specific aspect, you are exposed to it all, and have the freedom of choice to decide which sticks out best to you. Once you find a technique or a part of fitness that really impassions you, then you can move over to a magazine dedicated to that.

The only real tough decision now is determining which one of the general mags fits you best. Hopefully it will not be that difficult figuring out if you need men’s or women’s fitness. But even once you pick a gender, there are a few different varieties for each. Your best bet is to pick up a few issues of each one over a few months. This will help you to get a detailed look at each one and figure out which one has the layout, the detail, the fitness approach, and the writing that you like the best. And even if you decide on one, you will certainly have learned something from the others.

Just like workout regimens, try out a handful of fitness mags before you commit. See which ones feel the best, see which ones make your body hurt too much. Do not jump too quickly into something or you may be feeling the repercussions for weeks after.

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