How Urgent Care Centers Can Assist With Women’s Health Issues

As much as you might dislike having to go to the doctor, sometimes certain medical issues just can’t wait. This is especially true when it comes to women’s health. If you’re dealing with pregnancy or women’s health issues, sometimes you need immediate care, rather than waiting for your primary care doctor or even your OB-GYN.

When that happens, one of the best options for getting the immediate care you need is to visit an urgent care center. More than three million Americans visit urgent cares each week and it’s not hard to see why. When it comes to women’s health, urgent cares can offer care for pregnancy, urinary tract infections, STDs and more.

If you’ve got a serious medical issue, by all means visit the emergency room. But not all women’s health issues require jumping in the car just to go wait for hours in an emergency room. With urgent care facilities, you can book appointments online, check-in online, visit on nights and weekends and get quality care from experienced doctors. Gynecological issues definitely require attention, but not all of them mean you have to shell out money and time for an emergency room trip. Urgent cares can give you diagnosis, treatment for many women’s health issues and in the case of STDs, urgent cares can offer discreet testing and results.

If you’re a woman, considering a trip to an urgent care, you’re probably wondering what you can expect from your visit there. While it’s important to have a relationship of trust with your OB-GYN, medical professionals at your local urgent care will ask all the right questions to understand the issues you’re dealing with. They can also perform physical examinations and send in lab samples.

An urgent care can deal with women’s health issues such as:

  • Morning sickness
  • Dehydration
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Vaginal infections like yeast infections

The women’s health symptoms listed above are often accompanied by issues such as:

  • Nausea
  • Spotting
  • Pain, especially in the abdominal area
  • Thick, discolored or unusual smelling vaginal discharge
  • Vaginal itchiness

  • If you’re a woman, you’ve likely got a lot on your plate with school, work, kids, social clubs and other commitments. The last thing you want to do is deal with nagging medical issues and having to take time out of your schedule to book an appointment with your regular doctor or worse, end up in the emergency room. When you visit an urgent care, you’ll get professional care for common women’s health problems and save yourself a lot of time, money and aggravation.