How to Get Your Knee High Support Hose Sizing Right

Watch this video to learn how to get your knee-high support hose sizing right. Compression hoses are a cute way to keep warm and carry out extreme activities. It is a good addition for you when running or standing long hours on the factory slow or even traveling. There is always a knee high support hose that works for you, but you need to know the specifics.

Research and find the brand that is comfortable for you.

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Good ones should not cause swellings and blood clots. Consider the compression grading. It will help you to choose a product that does not harm your health. Consider the sizing. It is crucial to settle for knee high support hose to ensure it is not too loose or tight. Choosing the size is dependent on shoe and calf size. Sizing will also determine what you use it for. The trick is to size up and not low to avoid over-compression. Go to a medical practitioner for prescribed ones, if you are looking for proper ones for handling health problems.