Here Is One Promising Hair Loss Treatment That Mimics a Natural Look

How do hair transplants work? Or, better yet, how well do hair transplants work? The answer is, it depends. It depends on the procedure, it depends on the doctor, and most importantly, it depends on the client themselves. Transplantation of follicular units must be placed in such a way that it appears to be a natural distribution of hair. If not, the hairline looks odd. Hair loss treatment however does have a tendency to make people feel a little desperate. Here are a few facts to help inform you of the options on the market today.

Who Is Dealing With Male Pattern Baldness?

The most common culprit for men losing their hair is male pattern baldness. This condition accounts for 95% of all cases of balding in men. The average person might lose between 50 to 100 hairs a day through normal healthy shedding. The problem with male pattern baldness is that the follicular units fail to regrow hair. The goal in hair restoration treatments is to create results that appear natural, while also preserving the remaining hair follicles.

What Can a Man Do When He Starts to Lose His Hair?

Men are fortunate that the hair restoration industry continues to improve and evolve. The goal is to always work towards a look that mimics one’s natural growth pattern, while minimizing damage to the existing hair follicular units. While there are some promising products and devices on the market that claim to help the follicular units actually regrow hair, these are not as successful at achieving the look most men are seeking.

What Causes a Man to Lose His Hair?

There are a few factors that contribute to hair loss. The most common reason a person begins to lose their hair is actually hereditary. Yes, unfortunately the top reason is unavoidable which 82% of men have accepted. What they don’t need to accept is the end result. When caught early enough the effects can be minimized. There will still be some thinning, but the overall appearance will not be as diminished.

What Are the Best Options For Men Wanting to Restore Their Hair?

A newer option for men is a type of hair transplant that strives to achieve a natural look with a shorter downtime after surgery. The doctor transplants hair follicular units to the areas where the hair is thinner. The key to this procedure is that each individual transplant is smaller, but the doctor is able to move more of them. This results in less damage to the scalp and a more blended end result.

There is no shame in losing one’s hair. It is typically not a sign of poor health or inattentiveness to one’s appearance. There is also no shame in doing something about the hair loss one experiences. The hair loss treatment industry has some promising procedures that continue to evolve into better and better end results for the patient.