5 Tips for Fighting a Severe Common Cold

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Every year, roughly 1 billion Americans will catch a cold. Usually, getting the cold just means taking it easy for a day or two, eating some soup, and watching a movie that you used to love when you were a kid. But if your cold is a little worse than normal, which can still happen, you might have to fight back a little more.

As cold and flu season approaches, here are are some tips to think about that might help combat your cold symptoms and get back to your regular happy and healthy self.

Stay Hydrated

Your body loses water whenever you have a cold, so drinking a lot of water will help you feel much better. In addition to drinking a lot of water, having some juice, tea, and some (warm) lemon water will help you replenish your electrolytes as well. Avoid drinking coffee or alcohol because they are dehydrating liquids. You might feel better at first, but that feeling won’t last for long.

Take a Hot Shower

Taking a hot, steamy shower will help clear your sinuses, and as a result you’ll feel much better afterward. If you can’t shower right away, however, simply run the hot water in the sink and lean over it with a towel wrapped around your face. Then, breathe in the hot, moist air for a few minutes. This is a tried and true home remedy.

Get Plenty of Rest

Even if you got a good night’s sleep the night before, you’ll still feel fatigued when you’re battling a severe cold. Just take it easy and go to bed as early as you can. Taking a power nap can also help you get some energy back.

Exercise (If You Can)

Though you shouldn’t exercise too strenuously until you’ve fully recovered from your cold, gentle workouts can significantly help your body fight a cold. Focus on stretching and light workouts so you don’t overdo it.

Visit Urgent Care Centers (If Necessary)

If your cold has become far too severe, however, you should go to urgent care right away. Every fall, our urgent care in Puyallup sees patients suffering from a fall or winter cold that just won’t go away, and while there’s no cure for the common cold, many symptoms can be treated.

Today, there are 20,000 physicians who practice urgent care medicine, and there are plenty of experienced doctors working in urgent care in Puyallup that will help you get back to your healthier self. If you’re in need of medical assistance and want to finally alleviate your cold, visit your local urgent care center.