5 Important Reasons to Receive STD Testing

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Certain illnesses are easy to diagnose and treat. Unfortunately, STDs can be nearly impossible to detect on your own. It’s important that everyone who is active receives anonymous STD testing. It’s understandable to wonder about the reasons to have these tests performed. Unfortunately, there are many hidden dangers associated with living with untreated transmitted diseases. Here are five important reasons to receive anonymous STD testing.

  1. Detection of Unknown Diseases

    It can be nearly impossible to detect the presence of many STDs. Certain STDs can lead to severe health problems if left untreated. You don’t want to live with an undetected illness. In the future, you might find that you’ve unintentionally infected other partners. It’s best to live life knowing about your health through receiving an anonymous STD test. You can never tell by looking at someone whether or not they have transmitted diseases after intercourse.
  2. Getting the Treatment You Require

    A critical step after receiving your test results is finding the right treatment methods. Not all transmitted diseases are treatable through the same methods. However, you’ll be glad to know that many STDs are easy to treat with medicines. Certain urgent care facilities are able to provide STD testing. However, it’s wise to contact an urgent care center if they offer anonymous STD testing before visiting the facility.
  3. Fast Testing Methods

    You’ll find that STD testing clinics can complete the majority of tests in a short amount of time. No patient needs to worry that they’ll need to spend all day being tested. It’s a common misconception that STD testing is invasive which isn’t true. In many cases, you can be leaving a testing center in about 20 minutes or less. Many patients are surprised at how quickly standard STD tests are completed.
  4. Keeping Future Partners Safe

    One of the most important reasons to receive anonymous STD testing is for your partners. You don’t want to unintentionally infect every partner you are in contact with. Research shows that HIV can take 10 years to fully show symptoms. One unprotected encounter could mean you’re living with diseases you don’t know about. It’s wise to have an STD testing procedure taken care of to keep partners informed. Failing to disclose that you have a fatal STD can lead to criminal charges filed against you.
  5. Women Need Testing for Pregnancy Preparation

    Having an unknown STD can affect your pregnancy. Medical research shows that nearly all STD can carry an increased of miscarriage. In some cases, diseases from the mother can be passed onto the child, something no mother wants to have occur. It’s imperative that women receive testing to find and treat transmitted diseases before trying for a child. Many women find a walk in health clinic to be an easy way to receive STD testing.

In closing, there are several important reasons to receive an anonymous STD testing. One of the most important reasons is to detect the presence of transmitted diseases. If left untreated, STDs are known to cause additional health problems in the future. The next step after receiving testing is to determine your treatment plan. You may find the presence of additional STD which require extra treatments. The average anonymous STD test session is done in under 30 minutes. You’ll likely find a good portion of that 30 minutes is checking in and waiting for the testing to begin. Knowing the results of your test is beneficial for past, present, and future partners. It’s imperative for women to receive STD testing prior to trying for a child. Many people continue to stay active and healthy through receiving regularly administered STD tests.