3 Tips for Safe Travels with a Senior During the Winter

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Statistics show that nearly 53 million people in the United States live with some form of a disability. Many people that are living with a disability are limited in their mobility. One way that many people with limited mobility travel is by using a vehicle with wheelchair lifts. Wheelchair lifts for vehicles allow someone to gently be raised or lowered, making entering and exiting easier. Many people that use wheelchair lifts are senior citizens. By the year 2030, seniors will make up for 20% of the population. Here are three important safety tips for keeping seniors with limited mobility safe during winter travel.

Have Wheelchair Lifts Serviced

It’s common for wheelchair lifts to wear down over time. You’ll commonly find that a wheelchair vehicle lift receives a lot of wear during the winter months. A company that repairs and services wheelchair lifts will help ensure this device is working properly. Many choose to implement wheelchair lifts for vans because of the additional space. You’ll find that vehicle lifts work in a similar manner to power lift chairs.

Ensure Vehicle Receives Check Up

Every vehicle needs to be inspected regularly. You’ll want to ensure that any vehicle you’ll be riding in receives a check up from a mechanic. The last thing you want to worry about is the thought of a vehicle breaking down, especially in colder temperatures. A vehicle check can make sure that your automobile is in optimal working order. It’s especially important to have your vehicle inspected if it’s been a while since it’s been driven.

Winter Supplies are Essential

Statistics show that nearly 6.8 million people in the United States use a device to provide additional mobility. It’s wise to ensure that you have adequate supplies and devices ready to go before taking a long road trip. You might want to bring both a cane and walker to have extra mobility options, if possible. It’s wise to have extra blankets on hand to keep warm while you are riding to your destination.

In closing, it’s important that those with limited mobility are able to travel safely during the winter. You’ll want to ensure that wheelchair lifts are serviced and working properly. It’s important that the overall health of a vehicle is handled. You’ll want to ensure that the vehicle you’ll be traveling in has received a check up from a mechanic. Keeping additional supplies on hand is wise to ensure safety is of the highest priority. Having your vehicle prepares for winter travel helps to ensure your next trip is a safe one.