3 Common Springtime Ailments

Medical walk in clinic

Springtime is here! This means getting up off your couch and heading outside to spend some time in the bright sunshine. However, once the snow thaws, some popular sicknesses can happen due to being outside more. Here are some common springtime ailments that you need to be aware of, so you can stay out of those medical walk in clinics!


Once the snow is gone, allergens seem to pop up everywhere. Even if you don’t have any diagnosed allergies, you may feel as if you are continuously experiencing a sniffly nose, a sore throat, and scratchy eyes. This is common because all those flowers, trees, and plants are budding and going through the pollination process. Allergies are very common in families, so if you have any questions or need medical help right away, head to a family health clinic.


Asthma also goes hand in hand with allergies. This is also due to the pollen floating around the air, but don’t forget the inside culprits as well. It is not all too uncommon to finish spring cleaning, and this can cause allergies to flare from dust and debris that has been dormant the entire winter. Don’t worry though, family quick care can help.

Lyme disease

Going outside means tons of dangers dues to bugs and other potentially dangerous insects. If you are going on a hike make sure to keep an eye out for ticks, as they carry incredibly harmful Lyme disease. This is a bacteria infection that causes a rash like appearance in the skin. While it can be healed, having Lyme disease can cause a headache and keep you from enjoying the great outdoors! To prevent any bites, tuck your pants into your socks, and ear long sleeved shirts when out hiking. However, if you notice red, itchy bumps, make sure to head to an emergency walk in clinic right away.

These three common springtime illnesses can be prevented, as long as you take the proper precautions. As always, if you have any questions please head to your nearest medical walk in clinic, as walk in health clinics can see you right away and will diagnose you without too much of a wait! Read more about this topic at this link.