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Schedule an Appointment at a Sports Medicine Clinic to Learn More About Physical Therapy

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Many children are active in sports and other physical activities. As a result, they may experience sports injuries from time-to-time. In some cases, these injuries may be more serious than others. What may at first appear to be a minor injury should still be evaluated by a medical professional. This ensures that proper treatment can be administered if required.

Children and Sports-Related Injuries

On an annual basis, over 3.5 million children under the age of 14 receive medical treatment for a variety of sports injuries. Almost 40% of the sports-related injuries that are treated in hospitals are for children between the ages of five to 14. It’s important to note that on average, the rate and severity of these injuries will tend to increase given a child’s age.

Types of Sports-Related Injuries

Children who play baseball and softball, for example, have been experiencing an increased percentage of injuries. Since 2000, elbow and shoulder injuries have increase

A Diabetic Patient and Foot Care

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Diabetes is among the most common chronic conditions in the United States today, with many millions of adolescents and adults alike living with this condition. The rare Type 1 diabetes and the more common Type 2 diabetes can be dangerous if untreated, but fortunately, the American medical industry is well-informed about diabetes and well-equipped to help the many Americans who have it. Diabetes affects various parts of the body, and while it may sound mundane, a person’s feet may need care when diabetes is involved. Diabetic foot care is a field in itself, and a diabetic foot specialist can go a long way toward dealing with a patient’s foot pain and taking care of their foot health in general. The best podiatrist in a patient’s area may be a diabetic foot specialist, and a patient may see their doctor and get referred to a diabetic foot specialist who can help them. What is there to know about diabetic