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When Was the Last Time You Invested in New Fitness Equipment?

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It was a bittersweet weekend for your oldest daughter. She graduated from college but this meant that she had to leave the college campus where she had lived for all but three months of the last four years. Four years where she was a college athlete. Four years where she made friends that really will last a lifetime.
As soon as the graduation ceremony was over your family of four jumped into two fully packed cars and drove nearly three and a half hours to watch the graduate’s boyfriend play in what would be his final college baseball game. A mere three innings after she arrived at the game the team lost its second game in a double elimination tournament, bringing the season to a close. These two now retired athletes have been through a lot together during the last two and half years. They have occasionally been able to watch each other compete at home events. They have driven hours to catch a glimpse of a beam routine and a final at bat. The life of a Division III athlete is intere