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Sciatica Pain Holding You Back? Take Steps to Relieve It and Prevent Future Injury

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Sciatica pain treatment

People tend to think of the heart as the center of feeling, but, of course, we all know that the heart isn’t actually responsible for conveying emotion, or physical feeling. That job belongs to the spinal column, as unromantic as it may be. Messages to and from the brain are sent via the spinal column, and so, naturally, trouble at the spinal column can create havoc for the rest of the body. Did you know that long term back pain has been associated with depression?

Sciatica is one condition that is often responsible for long term back pain. Unfortunately, finding the right sciatica treatments can be very difficult, since sciatica is truly just a symptom of a bigger problem, suc

Get Medical Supplies Shipped Intact and On Time With a Healthcare Logistics Management

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Healthcare freight management

The health care industry faces a large number of costs every year. One of its largest expenditures is medical supplies, which is even larger than staffing costs. From medication, to equipment, to machines, hospitals and medical facilities rely on products to provide patients with the highest quality care. In order to offer superior service to patients, many medical facilities turn to healthcare logistics companies to monitor the delivery of medical supplies, making sure that products these products are sent and received securely, and on time.

Like third party logistics (3PL) providers, healthcare logistics management presents clients with a carefully monitored system to ensure that their supplies and products are delivered with pr

Millions of Americans Uknowingly Suffering from Symptoms of Thyroid Diseases

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Hypothyroidism and menopause

An unfortunate reality for citizens of the United States is that health problems are very abundant in the country. Millions of Americans suffer from numerous different conditions that affect their lives greatly. Compromised health can take an enormous toll on any individual, making aspects of their daily life much more difficult due to the overwhelming, dominating nature of their condition.

What can often be even more problematic, however, are cases of individuals being unaware that they are experiencing symptoms of a serious disorder or disease. For example, those who do not know about thyroid disease and the many thyroid cancer risk factors may be a large percentage of

Be on the Lookout for These Four Vision Problems

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Optometrist houston galleria

More than 3.4 million people over the age of 40 in America are visually impaired, or completely blind, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Our eyes are extremely complex organs, and are unsurprisingly also very fragile. The majority of the population requires some form of visual correction, like eye glasses, in order to see clearly. However, astigmatism, myopia, and hyperopia are only a small segment of eye issues that might be revealed from an eye exam with your ophthalmologist. In order to ensure that your eyes stay healthy, and your vision is as clear as it can be as you go through life, it is important to know what eye conditions you might encounter.