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When you need to see an eye doctor, it’s a good idea to tell them all of the symptoms that you’ve been having. The optical care that you get will depend on you talking to your provider so that they know which tests to give you for your eye vision issues.

Getting eye care help early can help you if you do have a serious problem with your eyes. Getting early optical care can allow you to get treatments while your eye problem is still in its initial stages.


If you have a degenerative eyesight disease, halting its progression early may be your only chance to keep from losing your eyesight. There are many serious eye diseases that are progressive, and they will continue to get worse without treatment.

Once you have lost vision to these diseases, you generally can’t get it back. An eye vision loss treatment may require treatments in the office, an operation, or a change in diet. Sometimes, it requires all of these treatments together to halt the progression of the disease. When you get the treatments you need, it can help you to avoid blindness or large, dark patches in your vision from the disease.



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