Millions of Americans Uknowingly Suffering from Symptoms of Thyroid Diseases

Hypothyroidism and menopause

An unfortunate reality for citizens of the United States is that health problems are very abundant in the country. Millions of Americans suffer from numerous different conditions that affect their lives greatly. Compromised health can take an enormous toll on any individual, making aspects of their daily life much more difficult due to the overwhelming, dominating nature of their condition.

What can often be even more problematic, however, are cases of individuals being unaware that they are experiencing symptoms of a serious disorder or disease. For example, those who do not know about thyroid disease and the many thyroid cancer risk factors may be a large percentage of those individuals unaware of their condition. Those who may be seeing signs of thyroid imbalances can visit an endocrinologist that can help them identify symptoms for thyroid disease and cancer.

One of the most dangerous thyroid cancer risk factors is that the disease can sometimes go undetected. Astounding statistics have revealed that approximately 13 million Americans are completely unaware that they are suffering from thyroid conditions. Symptoms such as extreme weight gain, depression, and fatigue can be signs of hypothyroidism, which causes the metabolism to slow down.

Generally, women tend to be at greater risk of experiencing thyroid problems. Research conducted by the American Thyroid Association has shown that women are 5 to 8 times more likely to suffer from thyroid conditions than men. Undiagnosed thyroid conditions in pregnant women can create a much higher risk for miscarriage, preterm delivery, and severe developmental problems in their children. In order to identify symptoms of thyroid conditions and potentially prevent further complications from arising, individuals can visit an endocrinologist for a thorough evaluation. Find out more here.