10 Best Mothers Day Gifts for Active Moms

Being a mom takes a lot of effort, which is why there is a whole day dedicated to them each year. Every year you try to come up with a creative gift to give your mom that she will adore. There is a ton of gifts to give your active mom that will make her smile. Here are some of the best Mother’s Day gifts for active moms that you can choose from.

Gardening Care and Tools

One of the best Mother’s Day gifts for active moms is gifting her some gardening tools if she enjoys gardening. Make an order for personalized flower pots or planters with a written message of how much you appreciate her. Do one even better and accompany the pot with some plants or flowers. How about the gift of service? Hire tree care services to tend to your mom’s trees in the garden. They come with various services, like target pruning, fertilization, pest and disease control, and regular inspections. These services are going to ensure your mom’s trees are healthy and requiring minimum care.

You should also consider getting her a kit to store garden tools so that they can last her a long time. If she keeps them in the garage, create a storage space to arrange and retrieve the tools easily. You can also get her a garden sign with a nice message about gardening like, “you are now entering a stress-free zone.” The important thing is to be creative as much as possible and to put a smile on her face.

Turn the Garage Into a New Home Gym Sanctuary For Your Mom

As you come up with the best Mother’s Day gifts for active moms, how about transforming her garage into a gym? It is convenient and affordable in the long run because she will not have to pay for a gym membership, and she will save on time. Most people use their garage to store things they do not use every day or at all. To make things easier, it is better first to declutter. You can either throw things out or repurpose them. If you plan on adding a sink or half bath, obtain residential plumbing services to help you with piping. Depending on the garage space, you have to maximize that space so that the room is more organized. If the garage does not have cabinets, it is best to have them installed to put the small items in there to reduce clutter.

Since you already have an idea of the equipment your mom uses to work out, it is easy to find a creative way to fit them into the garage. Make the space comfortable and appealing. Most people enjoy working out to some music, and if your mom is one of them, get some music speakers for her. As much as you are trying to make the room functional, it is also essential to create an appealing and motivating space. You may want to consider the weather conditions of where you stay and install an air conditioning unit for her to work out comfortably. Do not forget to check the garage door opener if it is working well. Most of the time, your mom will probably be working out with the door open or half-open.

Home Gym Equipment

If she does not have enough gym equipment, one of the best Mother’s Day gifts for active moms you can get her is adding to what she already has. Since the garage has limited space, you do not need to purchase all the equipment you saw at your local gym or on the TV advertisement. Observe the exercises your mom does, or just ask her upfront what she would like. Cardio equipment is a must-have. You can either get a treadmill or a stationary bicycle. Check on the features that come with such equipment to ensure you are getting an effective kit.

A jump rope is also effective cardio equipment that people overlook. It helps build endurance and increase muscle engagement. Add some strength equipment like hand weights and ankle weights to help your mom build on strength. Accompany them with an exercise mat that is non-slip and well-padded for comfort. When it comes to equipment, consider functionality and quality. Only get items your mom is interested in using.

Outdoor Exercise Equipment

When looking for the best Mother’s Day gifts for active moms, you should consider getting her outdoor exercise equipment. This can come in handy, especially if you do not have that extra room to transform into a gym. There is also the benefit of fresh air to enjoy, which can boost her mood and motivate her. Before you set up the outdoor equipment, ensure that it is convenient for her to work comfortably. If she has to keep swinging her hands to chase bugs while working out, she may not enjoy it as much.

Hire outdoor pest control services to exterminate any pest in the area. The next thing you have to consider is the condition of the workout area, whether it is the gazebo or the patio. In case there is anything damaged, like the door, hire a technician for patio door repair. Also, consider covering the area. This will protect your mom and equipment from harsh weather conditions. If your mom is more into yoga and pilates, then she can easily take her mat or pilates machine outside and exercise.

An Exercise Class Membership

One of the best Mother’s Day gifts for active moms is an exercise class membership. The classes come with trainers, which can be very helpful to moms who need guidance. Of the many benefits of a workout class is that they have structure (a warm-up, balanced workout, and a cool-down), unlike exercising alone. Your mom does not have to prepare a workout plan because the trainer already has one. Since she will be exercising with other class members, she will be part of a fitness community where she can find support and guidance from people on the same journey. Whether the goal is improving strength and endurance or for the good of her health and wellness, she will have people supporting her.

Most people are not sure whether they are doing the proper exercises depending on their fitness goals. Being part of a class will ensure that she is precisely doing the right exercises. Having a trainer helping her through it eliminates the possibility of potential injuries. Depending on how long the workout class will take, she is likely to develop some skills that can help her exercise alone, too.

Workout Clothes

One of the best Mother’s Day gifts for active moms that you should give her is some workout clothes. Your mom will appreciate some new workout clothes, especially if what she has is old or uncomfortable. Before getting any workout clothes, you have to consider the kind of exercises that she does. Avoid clothes that are 100% cotton. As much as you need to factor in comfort, the outfits need to be functional to support her properly. Cotton clothes absorb sweat quickly, and by the time she is halfway done, they will be soaked, making her uncomfortable. Choose something made of moisture-wicking material to keep her dry.

If your mom enjoys yoga, then get her some fitting yoga pants. Avoid loose or drawstring pants, as they cause discomfort when one is lying on their stomach. You can order one online and have it delivered by UPS at your door. The good thing is that if you do not receive what you want or if it doesn’t fit, you can request a UPS refund and get your money back.

New Sneakers

Another one of the best Mother’s Day gifts for active moms to consider is a pair of new sneakers. Get your mom a comfortable pair that minimizes possible injuries. When choosing a pair of sneakers, consider the exercises your mom loves doing. Purchase shoes from a store that specializes in sportswear if possible. The staff can give you advice on the ideal shoe for your mom. If she enjoys running and walking, get a cushioned shoe that will easily absorb shock.

You also want something flexible and stable, especially in the heel counter area. These features help prevent stress fractures, shin splints, and heel pain. If she is into aerobics, she needs lightweight shoes that prevent foot fatigue. It should also have shock absorption to avoid an injury. If you notice that your mom has developed foot or ankle problems, you may want to make simple adjustments to her shoes, like getting a heel cup or a metatarsal pad.

A Trip to Mom’s Favorite Park

Get your mom out of the house and drive her to her favorite park where you can plan various activities for her. This is one of the best Mother’s Day gifts for active moms that will leave her smiling. To make it more fun, you have to involve the whole family unless your mom wants some time alone to unwind. If she enjoys hiking, you should research nearby parks that have nature trails or major climbs. This will be a form of exercise with breathtaking scenery that she does not get at home.

You could also plan for a picnic at the park and arrange for some family games while there. Some nice spots for the picnic could be somewhere near a waterfall or a peak with a beautiful view. Bike riding is also a great and fun exercise for the park. You do not have to limit yourself to your local parks. Active moms tend to have a bucket list, like skydiving over Mount Everest or something similar. This would be the best opportunity to help your mom tick that off her list. Make things fun by packing her clothes, driving her to the airport, and surprising her with the news.

A New Water Bottle

As much as exercise is rewarding and fun, your mom will quickly get dehydrated. So, one of the best Mother’s Day gifts for active moms that you should consider is getting her a new water bottle. She needs to stay hydrated before, during, and after exercises if her workouts are to go smoothly. One of the features that you should look for is the ability to keep the water cold. You can also get one that has a wide mouth to fit ice cubes inside easily.

Cold water can be soothing during a workout. Ensure that the cap is leakproof to avoid messy situations. If your mom uses a stationary bike, get a fitting bottle so that she places it there. Different water bottles come with various features. When you know what features you want, choosing a water bottle becomes easier. Also, ensure that you get an easy-to-clean bottle that is dishwasher-friendly.

A Spa Day for Some Needed Relaxation

One of the best Mother’s Day gifts for active moms is taking her to the spa to relax. A key benefit of a spa is helping someone de-stress. Your mom can separate herself from her usual activities of working and being a mom and just unwind. This can help her become a better mother, friend, and partner. Aches and pain are common for people who often exercise, especially at the joints.

A massage will help your mom relieve those pains by relaxing the muscle tissue. You can also book an appointment with a joint restoration specialist for treatment. Massages ease muscle tension and help the body release serotonin, a hormone associated with happiness. After a session, her mood will improve significantly, and she is likely to come home happier than when she left. Another service that she will appreciate is facial treatments. The treatments clean and hydrate dry skin leaving it radiant and glowing.

When choosing the best Mother’s Day gifts for active moms, consider what your mom loves doing. A bucket list is an excellent place to start in finding gifting ideas. Also, you have to consider what exercises she loves doing to help her relax and unwind.