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Preparing for the Transition into Assisted Living

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The move from a personal home to an assisted living home can be a difficult transition for some. Seniors are giving up their independence and moving to a home where they may have to share their living space. They will also lose housing amenities, including a personal kitchen, bathroom, and personal outdoor space. Despite these differences, there are ways that you can help with the transition. These tips will help you successfully transfer your senior loved one into the assisted living home.

Increase comfort
Perhaps the most important aspect you should consider in making the transition easier it comfort. Some seniors find it difficult to find comfort in their new living arrangement. Finding comfort is all about looking for ways to improve their livability. For example, i

Two False Facts on Urgent Care Centers

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Urgent care in covington wa


One of the most confusing industries in America is that of the medical industry. Think about the fact that many people will take to google to search symptoms and illnesses because they have such a limited knowledge of the medical industry and the procedures involved. Instead of doing this, when you feel sick you should definitely visit an urgent care facility.

Urgent care facilities range from urgent care treatment, walk-in clinics, walk-in urgent care centers, walk-in medical care clinics, and many other types of facilities. Even those facilities are highly functioning and ar

Urgent Care Centers Can Be a Convenient Medical Option

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One of the biggest problems in healthcare today is being able to find a doctor who will take on new patients and who will accept the health insurance plan that you have. While that can be difficult now, it is forecast to only get worse. Current data indicates that the U.S. needs more than 50,000 primary physicians by 2025 just to keep up with the current growth. And that doesn’t even take into account specialists. If you have minor medical issues, it can be more convenient and in some cases cheaper to visit and urgent care center.

If you need chemotherapy treatment or chronic pain treatment, you obviously need to see a specialist. But if you just h

5 Important Reasons to Receive STD Testing

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Certain illnesses are easy to diagnose and treat. Unfortunately, STDs can be nearly impossible to detect on your own. It’s important that everyone who is active receives anonymous STD testing. It’s understandable to wonder about the reasons to have these tests performed. Unfortunately, there are many hidden dangers associated with living with untreated transmitted diseases. Here are five important reasons to receive anonymous STD testing.

  1. Detection of Unknown Diseases

    It can be nearly impossible to detect the presence of many STDs. Certain STDs can lead to severe health problems if left untreated. You don’t want to live with an undetected illness. In the future, you might find that you’ve unintentionally infected other partners. It’s best to live life knowing abo

3 Tips for Safe Travels with a Senior During the Winter

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Statistics show that nearly 53 million people in the United States live with some form of a disability. Many people that are living with a disability are limited in their mobility. One way that many people with limited mobility travel is by using a vehicle with wheelchair lifts. Wheelchair lifts for vehicles allow someone to gently be raised or lowered, making entering and exiting easier. Many people that use wheelchair lifts are senior citizens. By the year 2030, seniors will make up for 20% of the population. Here are three important safety tips for keeping seniors with limited mobility safe during winter travel.

Have Wheelchair Lifts Serviced

It’s common for wheelchair lifts to wear down over time. Continue Reading No Comments

Do You Suffer from Chronic Headaches?

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Snoring solutions

The days are painful and the nights are endless.
If you are someone who has searched for chronic headache treatments, you understand the agony of pain and the reality of living day to day without ever getting the kind of healthy rest that you long for. Facial pain management, insomnia treatment, and chronic headache treatment are the solutions that many Americans seek. Without a solution to these, and other, problems, sufferers find themselves lacking the energy to get themselves to work, to school, and to the everyday activities that so many others enjoy.
Whether you are looking for sleep apnea treatments or you are searching for a solution to teeth grinding, finding the right treatment c

4 Tips for Finding a Job After Completing Rehab

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Statistics show that over 7% of adults in the United States have some form of a drinking problem. Many people visit a rehab center to seek help in overcoming an alcohol or drug addiction. Drug overdoses are the leading cause of accidental death in the United States. If you’re in need of employment after completing rehab, you’re not alone. Many people who are preparing to leave a rehab center will enter the job market. Here are four tips for succeeding at a new job after completing rehab at an addiction treatment center.

  1. Finding the Right Job

    You might find that your previous line of employment reminds you of times you want to forget. Continue Reading No Comments

Understanding Zerona Cost versus the Cost of Obesity

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According to recent studies, obesity and obesity related diseases are a significant problem in the United States. Heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and certain types of cancer have all been linked to obesity.

The majority of Americans are not eating enough fruits and vegetables and getting the majority of their daily calories from snacks. Studies show that Americans are also not exercise or strength training as much as recommended to lead a healthy lifestyle.

There are many options in weight loss including, but many struggle to maintain the diet and activity needed to lose weight on their own. Further, many people have additional health problems that interfere with their ability to lose weight.

This has led to a rise in weight loss surgeries. However, many are not able to undergo weight loss

Need A Root Canal? Here’s An FAQ To Help You Know What To Expect

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family dentistMore than half of the adult U.S. population surveyed over age 50 agree that a smile is the one physical feature that stays the most attractive as we age, according to a survey by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. But in order to achieve and maintain your smile, you need to make frequent trips to the dentist for cleanings and evaluations. Otherwise, you may be ashamed to show your smile in photos, like the 18% of people who say they usually conceal their teeth in photos. And even though root canals are a fairly common procedure in the family dentistry field, there are many people who don’t know what to expect. Here are some answers to common questions about getting a root canal.

  1. “Is a root canal painful?”
    While many people think of root canals as painful, dental technology has made strides in reducing the amount of pain felt during one. says, With modern techniques and anesthetics, the vast majority of patients report that they are comfortable during the procedure. For the first few days after treatment, your tooth may feel sensitive, especially if there was pain or infection before the procedure…In some cases prescription medications may be necessary, and are available from your endodontist. Follow your endodontist’s instructions carefully.”
  2. “When do I know if I need a root canal?”
    There are many telltale signs that you may need a root canal, including extreme sensitivity to hot and cold foods, numbness or discomfort, difficulty chewing or biting, and severe pain in the area. Your dentist may also be the first to notice the issue and diagnose a need for a root canal procedure. It’s also important to note that not cases that require root canals experience any of these symptoms; it can be a pain free as well.
  3. “Why don’t I just get the tooth removed?”
    Most of the time, a full extraction is not necessary, and the biggest benefit of a root canal is being able to keep the affected tooth instead of having to permanently lose it.

Ultimately, there are many benefits of root canals, and most family dental professionals highly recommend them as an alternative to a full removal. For more information, contact Hudson Family Dental.

People Who Suffer From Sleep Apnea Are Three Times More Likely To Suffer From Heart Disease

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Good sleep is necessary to live a good life. Without dipping into your REM cycle on a regular basis your body lacks the necessary tools to repair itself after a mentally and physically draining day. Despite this simple fact, many Americans find themselves actively struggling to reach even one or two decent nights’ sleep per week. Sleep apnea, insomnia and anxiety are rampant across the country and have caused many to seek out whatever tools they can to help them retire night after night.

What Is Sleep Apnea?

Do you constantly wake up throughout the night? You might have sleep apnea. This sleeping disorder is characterized by ‘apneas’, or interruptions, that interfere with a proper REM cycle. This condition affects over 18 million Americans, with an estimated 4% going undiagnose