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3 Reasons to Invest in Professional Lice Removal

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Although we’re on the backside of the current school year, lice treatment and learning how to get rid of head lice naturally is always an important topic of discussion. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an estimated six million to 12 million infestations occur each year in the United States among children three to 11 years of age. It is impossible to determine exact numbers when it comes to how many people receive treatment for lice.

While head lice is not particularly dangerous or harmful to a person’s immediate health, it does have incredibly annoying side-effects and can have serious complications if left untreated. Here are three reasons to consider inv

The Invisible, Perhaps Dangerous World of EMFs

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There is an invisible world all around us at all times. It is a tangled web of frequencies, signals, and particles flowing in and out of us every moment. We may not think much about this world, but we all know about it in one way or another because we are a part of it. It is the world of electric and magnetic fields (EMFs). And while this invisible web is taken for granted by many of us, some of us are more sensitive to it than others. Even for those not suffering from an oversensitivity to EMFs, there are potential risks of being exposed to them for an extended period of time.

A Brief History of EMFs.

For centuries scientists viewed the forces of electricity and magnetism as separate entities, similar in certain properties but unrelated otherwise. In the early 19th Century, scientists such