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Do You Need Medicare Supplemental Insurance?

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You and your spouse are covered under Medicare. You’re in relatively good health and hope to continue being so for many years to come. As long as you stay active and eat the recommended two to 2.5 cups of vegetables and 1.5 to two services of fruit each day, your medical care shouldn’t cost much, right? Not necessarily.

Where Medicare falls short

Medicare has many benefits, but low deductibles and co-payments are not among them. It’s far too easy for recipients to end up paying thousands out of pocket each year to cover expenses not paid for by their basic Medicare plan. Over 20% of Americans reported out of pocket medical expenses of $2,000 or more in 2013, according to The Commonwealth Fund.

When your medical needs extend beyond preventative measures – – as almost all senior’s m

Everything From Stress to Overeating Can Cause Infertility in Women

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For women and couples trying to conceive, here?s a sobering fact: one out of every six couples with struggle with infertility issues. While that number might seem frightening at first, many women also take comfort in the fact that they aren?t the only one struggling to conceive. In fact, because infertility is such a widespread problem, that?s led to a large number of researchers and doctors developing exciting new treatments to help women conceive, like in vitro fertilization.
Today, assistive reproductive technology is a growing field, with a diverse range of treatment options for couples to choose from. One reason there are so many different types of treatment? The causes of infertility in women vary widely from person to person.
Understanding the Causes of Infertility in Women

Brace Yourselves How Laptop Radiation Shields Can Protect You From Harmful EMF

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Technology is developing at an alarmingly fast rate, especially within the decade or so. It’s hard to believe that just ten years ago or so, texting wasn’t even that much a thing, with people still preferring to call each other. Nothing was going down in DM because there was no such thing as social media, and — gasp — the word selfie didn’t even exist because there was no such thing. Isn’t it amazing to think how much life has changed within the short span of a decade all because of technology?

But like almost everything else in life, technology is definitely a double edged sword — and an incredibly sharp on at that. For as much as technology has improved everyday life, it’s also done a lot of damage in many ways. A good example of this an increased exposure to harmful radiation. No one actually reads

Five Reasons You Aren’t Losing Weight Even When You’re Doing Everything Right

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You’ve tried every fad diet on the market. You’ve stopped eating carbs. You ate raw. You went paleo. You’ve tried dedicated workouts. You’ve been through medical weight loss programs. Some of these tactics did not work at all. Some of them (such as the medical weight loss programs that were facilitated by a doctor) worked very well, but you still struggled to keep the weight off permanently. If this is you, here are a few reasons you might be hitting weight loss roadblock:

  1. You aren’t active enough.
    When it comes down to it, your ability to lose weight and keep it off revolves around one equation: burning more calories

The Flu Stops for Nobody, so Make Sure You’re Prepared Before it Catches up to You!

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Vaccines are an important advance in medical science. They help prevent and treat diseases that, in the past, we had no way of curing or preventing. Today, there are vaccines for countless viruses, and receiving them can often mean the difference between health and sickness. But regardless of how important vaccines are, there are still those few people who complain and avoid them altogether.

It’s true, shots are no fun, but at the cost of your overall health, they’re more than worth the tiny prick of pain in your arm. And still, more people complain about the cost of vaccines, when in reality, they’re covered under most, if not all, insurance policies. If you’re truly concerned about your annual flu shots costing you extra money out of your pocket, then you can always call an urgent care center a

It’s Important To See a Doctor Regularly

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The sad irony of American life is that while people are living longer, many people spend those extra years with a vastly reduced quality of life because of chronic health conditions. It is estimated that by 2030, six of every 10 baby boomers will be dealing with a chronic health condition. With those kinds of health issues, it’s important that people establish a care relationship with top doctors for the conditions they have.

Among the most common chronic conditions is lower back pain. Nearly seven of every 10 Americans say they have lower back pain that is bad enough to affect their daily lives. However, at least 40% of those people do not see a doctor for their pain. A chronic condition that is not managed can lead to a lowered quality of line and can exacerbate other physical ailments. Continue Reading No Comments