It’s Important To See a Doctor Regularly

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The sad irony of American life is that while people are living longer, many people spend those extra years with a vastly reduced quality of life because of chronic health conditions. It is estimated that by 2030, six of every 10 baby boomers will be dealing with a chronic health condition. With those kinds of health issues, it’s important that people establish a care relationship with top doctors for the conditions they have.

Among the most common chronic conditions is lower back pain. Nearly seven of every 10 Americans say they have lower back pain that is bad enough to affect their daily lives. However, at least 40% of those people do not see a doctor for their pain. A chronic condition that is not managed can lead to a lowered quality of line and can exacerbate other physical ailments. Establishing a relationship with a doctor can help you keep on top of chronic conditions. For example, for chronic low back pain, a doctor can help set you up with a physical therapy appointment.

Another chronic condition that many people deal with is dizziness. In fact, dizziness is the second most common medical complaint people have, and it’s estimated that 70% of the population will deal with it at some point in their lives. Top doctors that specialize in neurology or inner ear disorders are among the specialists you may need to see to deal with your dizziness issues, and having a trusted physician to provide you with a referral can help to deal with this condition.

While it can make sense to go to a medical walk in clinic for a minor illness, such as a sore throat, or a minor injury, such as a sprained ankle, urgent care is not a good long-term health strategy. With urgent care, you aren’t likely to ever see the same doctor, which means any chronic health issues are unlikely to be dealt with. To keep on top of your chronic conditions and ensure they don’t get worse, you need relationships with top doctors. In fact, for those over 65 with Medicare coverage, you are required to have a coordinating physician for your care.