Your Back and Urgent Care Go Good Together

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By the year 2020, six out of every ten Baby Boomers you meet will be managing some sort of chronic condition and that chronic condition will likely be some sort of back issue.

Those Baby Boomers will likely have access to a long list of doctors who practice some kind of medicine in their area, but if a doctor isn’t available during the times when these chronic conditions flare up, then what is the use? Baby Boomers, and all kinds of people, young and old, are turning to the nearest urgent care clinic when they need to be seen by a quality doctor in an office that feels like the doctors on staff feel like your regular health care professionals.

Sometimes you cannot escape an accident or an injury that has you waiting in the ER with an emergency room number in your hand. When you finally get seen, it is several hours later. With the longer hours of an urgent care clinic, chances are most of your emergencies can be handled in the office. The wait times are decidedly shorter when waiting to be seen at urgent care.

Almost 70% of all Americans say that their back pain affects their daily lives. Back pain is some of the most difficult chronic pain to manage. Sometimes the back will respond to one thing for a while and need adjustment and therapy the next. Seeing the doctor during hours that make sense for the way you live your life is another benefit to urgent care practice. The top doctors are moving to this way of doing business because they can see more people and work more efficiently.

With back pain being such a problem for so many, it might surprise you to learn that 40% of people with mild to severe back pain do not go to the doctor or seek medical treatment. That is a sad thing to think about when instead of getting an emergency room number when the ambulance has to take them to the ER, folks could simply have gone to the doctor when the pain began and been treated early.

This is the benefit of urgent care. When you treat the problems early and often, back pain doesn’t have to end with your husband or wife or friends calling the emergency room number. Back pain can very often be managed. With the right doctor on your side, finding the right schedule for you both, and the kind of treatment that will most benefit you, you can be on your way to living the kind of life you have been putting off living.

Urgent care style medicine has the tools, the doctors, and the supporting staff to benefit the community in ways a large, municipal hospital can’t do.