Why Employers Issue Thorough Drug Screening

Drug screening of all varieties is not uncommon in the United States. If you’ve applied for a job or recently been hired, then you’re well aware of this. For employers, there are many reasons why thorough drug screening is an important part of bringing in new employees and maintaining a reputable business operation. Approximately 62% of employers in the U.S. implemented a drug testing program with the goal of guaranteeing employee safety, complying with state regulations, protecting their organization’s reputation, and developing a drug-free environment, according to the American Management Association. If you’re unsure as to why drug tests are so prevalent, we hope this simple guide helps clear the air.

First and foremost, companies issue drug tests to stay in line with state and federal regulations. As active businesses that exchange currency and provide work for employees, a company is beholden to upholding the legislation of its state and its country. Prospective employees are made aware of all their state’s specific guidelines regarding drug and alcohol use in the workplace. The testing process is made transparent to minimize any confusion and potential aversion. Keeping in line with state regulations ensures the company can continue to operate safely and legally.

Perhaps the next most common reason for drug screening is that the company wants to maintain a clean reputation. If a business has employees that are using substances while working, then the way they are perceived by their peers in the community is quickly impacted, and not for the best. A drug free workplace promotes productivity and positive interpersonal relations. By drug screening, a company ensures that it is building a team of trustworthy employees so that they can uphold the company’s image and values as representatives out in the community.

Drug test results often rely upon the quality of the test kit that is used. Any high quality company operates with only the best equipment to ensure that the results they receive are fast, accurate, and trustworthy. By issuing comprehensive drug testing, companies can maintain a forthright workplace environment, regardless of the industry they’re in and the community they’re serving. Good service begins with hiring responsible employees.